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By spiritual I mean the diverse ways we answer the heart's longing to be connected with the largeness of life--a longing that animates love and work, especially the work called teaching.
The largeness and inclusiveness of vision that goes with the looser form in Baxter's writing is certainly something to welcome back into New Zealand poetry, with recent poetry collections such as Roberts Sullivan's Star Waka and Ian Wedde's Commonplace Odes offering large and inclusive visions in their own grand and astonishing ways.
Transmission of such low frequencies as radio waves is impractical and useless because of a) interference problem and b) the largeness of antenna.
121), a sense of largeness, in both feeling and response.
But others may have been gained through this new largeness.
Consequently, his style, though not without a certain massive greatness, which always comes from largeness of nature, had none of those attractions by which the common masses are beguiled into thinking.
Wendt: It isn't largeness itself, it's centralization.
The size of our social arrangements should respect the smallness needed for the particularities of an animal organism and the largeness needed for an intellectual being that seeks solidarity with others and the transcendent.
The world's seeming largeness is in fact the most significant obstacle in the struggle to communicate ecological concerns.
There is no need, however, for the mountain to be very large and we should be careful not to focus on largeness or monumentality when we should be concerned with location and function.
However, their largeness may also be somewhat of a liability.
The young Swiss people who in 1946 opened Mountain House--Mottu was then 32--had a largeness of aim that inspires respect.
Allan says not, pointing out that largeness and agility are not mutually exclusive.
It's so good that despite its relative largeness, I might go back and get another to take away.