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A disparaging term for an obese person. Primarily heard in UK.

tub of lard

A highly derogatory term for an obese person. These glamour magazines make it seem like anyone who's not a cover model is basically a tub of lard.
See also: lard, of, tub

tub of lard

a fat person. (Insulting.) Who's that tub of lard who just came in? That tub of lard can hardly get through the door.
See also: lard, of, tub

a lard-arse

  (British very informal!)
someone who is fat You could do with a bit of exercise yourself, lard-arse! Your brother's a bit of a lard-arse, isn't he?

lard with

1. To cover or coat something with lard or a similar fatty substance: The cook larded the rice with pork fat.
2. To enrich or embellish something thoroughly with extra material: The performer larded the monologue with boring stories. The report was larded with unnecessary quotations.
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n. the police. (see also bacon, pig, pork.) If the lard catches you violating your parole, you’re through.

lard ass

1. n. someone with very fat buttocks. (see also crisco.) Here comes that lard ass again.
2. n. very large buttocks. (Rude and derogatory.) I’m gonna have to do something about this lard ass of mine.
See also: ass, lard

tub of lard

and tub of guts
n. a fat person. (Cruel. Also a rude term of address.) Shut up, you stupid tub of lard! Who’s that tub of guts who just came in?
See also: lard, of, tub
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