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lapse from grace

1. Lit. to fall out of favor with God. The child was told that if he ever smoked even one cigarette, he would lapse from grace for certain. It is easy, these days, to lapse from grace.
2. Fig. to fall out of favor. Ted lapsed from grace when he left the lobby door unlocked all weekend. I have to be there on time every day or I will lapse from grace for sure.
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lapse into something

to weaken or slip into something, especially a coma. The survivor of the crash lapsed into a coma. Aunt Mary lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
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The identical consideration can be applied for lapsed regular premiums and lapsed sum insured assuming that each single euro can either be lapsed or not.
With this initiative, we are offering our valued customers an opportunity to renew their lapsed policies and help them avail all policy advantages.
Most nonprofits have more lapsed donors than current donors," said Nick Stavarz, president of Synergy Direct Marketing Solutions, Mogadore, Ohio.
color in Bulldog edition only) Ali, Mary Adams' 12-year-old poodle, spends most of his days snoozing in their Valley Glen home, unaware that his license had lapsed.
The nation's flood insurance program has been in lapsed status since June 1, after Congress failed to extend it past its May 31 expiration date.
2) After multiple attempts at treating the donor as lapsed, these donors might then be cycled back into acquisition efforts, where despite having been a long-time donor earlier in their lifetime, they are now spoken to as if they've never been supportive at all or are not recognized as a dedicated donor.
The voluntary termination rate equals the ratio of the number of lapsed or surrendered policies to the mean number of policies in force.
The old fundraising adage "as acquired so renewed" is an effective but ho-hum way to acquire donors and to recapture those slacker-donors who have lapsed.
the value of the entire portion of the trust subject to the power that was released, exercised, or lapsed will be treated as an addition to the trust.
Five nightclub patrons lapsed into unconsciousness early Sunday after apparently overdosing on a designer drug that is sweeping the club scene.
The Company will not enter into lotteries for any of the lapsed claims since there is not sufficient mineral potential.
Is the expected increase in the value of the partnership interest, from the time of receipt to the time the risk of forfeiture has lapsed, substantial?
The 30-day period has now lapsed and no appeal was made of the order and final judgment.
With regard to the second issue, the letter ruling stated, "Because 1) the Employment Agreement conferred a preferred equity interest on Child's spouse that was senior to the decedent's retained interest, and 2) the decedent's liquidation right (that was inherent in his retained interest) lapsed as a result of the transfer, the execution of the Employment Agreement constituted a gift by the decedent for purposes of section 2704(a).
Customer Loyalty Program Established to Enable Customers to Renew Lapsed Support