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drop (something) in (someone's) lap

To give to or force upon someone suddenly and unexpectedly. When Steve won the lottery, we suddenly had the chance to travel the world dropped in our laps. Our son dropped his student debt in our laps when he lost his job last year.
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lap dog

1. Literally, a dog that is small enough and temperamentally inclined to sit comfortably upon one's lap. We always had lap dogs when I was growing up, so I never feel comfortable around my boyfriend's gigantic St. Bernard.
2. A person who is readily inclined to submit to, seek the favor of, or agree with someone else, especially a person of higher authority. It sickens me to see you be a lap dog of your boss like that. Have a little self-respect!
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lap of the gods

A state beyond possible human control, intervention, or responsibility; a state or condition that is or will be decided by nature or fate. Usually used in the phrase "in the lap of the gods." I'm afraid we've done all we can to treat your father's heart attack. His recovery is in the lap of the gods, now.
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fall into (one's) lap

To be received unexpectedly or without effort. I didn't steal the internship from you—it fell into my lap, I swear! Your aunt has decided to get a new car, so her old one might fall into your lap.
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be in the lap of the gods

To be out of one's control or power. Now that the jury is deliberating, my fate is in the lap of the gods
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fall into one's lap

Fig. [for something of great value or usefulness] to be given or granted to someone without having been requested. Some valuable antique jewelry just fell into his lap. His late mother had kept it hidden for years.
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in the lap of luxury

Cliché in luxurious surroundings. John lives in the lap of luxury because his family is very wealthy. When I retire, I'd like to live in the lap of luxury.
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lap of luxury

Fig. a luxurious situation. I rather enjoy living in the lap of luxury. You call this pigpen the lap of luxury?
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lap over (something)

[for something] to extend or project over the edge or boundary of something. The lid lapped over the edge of the barrel, forming a little table. The blanket did not lap over enough to keep me warm.
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lap something up

1. Lit. [for an animal] to lick something up. The dog lapped the ice cream up off the floor. The dog lapped up the ice cream.
2. Fig. [for someone] to accept or believe something with enthusiasm. Of course, they believed it. They just lapped it up. They lapped up the lies without questioning anything.
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lap (up) against something

[for waves] to splash gently against something. The waves lapped up against the shore softly. The waves lapped against the side of the boat all night long, and I couldn't sleep.
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Make a lap!

Sl. to sit down. Hey, make a lap and get out of the way! Pull up a chair and make a lap!
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fall into your lap

also drop into your lap
to come to you without you making any effort You can't expect the ideal job to just fall into your lap – you've got to go out there and look for it.
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lap up something

also lap something up
1. to enjoy something very much My dogs lap up whatever attention I can give them. Related vocabulary: eat it up
2. to believe what is said or written without knowing or caring if it is true Even if you're lying, there's always someone who will lap it up because most people want to believe you.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of lap up (to eat with great enthusiasm)
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be in the lap of the gods

if the result of a situation is in the lap of the gods, you cannot control what will happen I've sent in my application form and I've sorted out my references so it's in the lap of the gods now.
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drop/fall into your lap

if something good falls into your lap, you get it without making any effort You can't expect the ideal job to just fall into your lap - you've got to go out there and look for it.
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in the lap of luxury

if you are in the lap of luxury, you live in conditions of much comfort because you have a lot of money I have to earn enough to keep my wife in the lap of luxury. They live in the lap of luxury in a huge great house in the south of France.
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drop in someone's lap

Give to someone suddenly or without warning. What is given may be desirable, as in I'm just going to drop the promotion in her lap this afternoon, or it may be burdensome, as in They simply dropped the employment problem in our laps. The former usage dates from the mid-1500s, the latter from the mid-1900s.
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lap of luxury, in the

In affluent circumstances, equipped with anything money can buy. For example, Jane grew up in the lap of luxury. This expression alludes to the lap as a place of comfort. [Late 1700s]
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lap of the gods, in the

Beyond one's control, in the hands of providence. For example, She's done what she can to expedite matters; now it's in the lap of the gods. This expression is a translation from Homer's Iliad, in which Automedon, the charioteer of Achilles and Patroclos, said the battle's outcome was "in the lap of the gods." Lap of the gods has also been translated as knees of the gods.
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lap up

Take in or receive very eagerly, as in She loves to travel-she just laps it up, or The agency is lapping up whatever information their spies send in. This expression alludes to an animal drinking greedily. [Late 1800s]
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lap up

1. To eat or drink something completely by licking: The kitten lapped up the milk in the saucer. The cat lapped the water up.
2. To receive something eagerly or greedily: The author lapped up the audience's praise. The runner lapped the medals up at the banquet.
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lap dancer

n. an exotic dancer who writhes and rubs her posterior on the lap of a seated customer. Most of us lap dancers follow rules about no touching.
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lap dancing

n. sexually stimulating erotic writhing and rubbing of a woman’s posterior against the lap of a seated, male customer. Our town has outlawed lap dancing.
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Make a lap!

exclam. to sit down. Hey, make a lap and get out of the way!
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the lap of luxury

Conditions of great affluence or material comfort: an heiress living in the lap of luxury.
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faster than a cat lapping chain lightning

Another old Southern expression, this one meaning very fast indeed.
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References in classic literature ?
The old vagabond was settled again in his armchair, with his dog in his lap, his pipe in his mouth, and his French novel in his hand; exhibiting exactly the picture of frowzy comfort which he had presented when his visitors first entered the room.
exclaimed the old lady, suddenly pushing the cat off her lap, and flinging her last pretense of good temper to the winds--"Julian, I am not to be trifled with
Her fingers twined together nervously in her lap, her eyes looked down again at the floor, and an expression of constraint settled on her face which looked almost like an expression of pain.
She listened attentively, with the constrained expression still on her face, and her hands still nervously clasped together in her lap.
and Mrs Higden holds him up in her lap and says to me "Bide a bit, Sloppy," and we all stops together.
Bearing these gifts, they raised the latch of Betty Higden's door, and saw her sitting in the dimmest and furthest corner with poor Johnny in her lap.
One of the linen chests was open; the silver teapot was unwrapped from its many folds of paper, and the best china was laid out on the top of the closed linen-chest; spoons and skewers and ladles were spread in rows on the shelves; and the poor woman was shaking her head and weeping, with a bitter tension of the mouth, over the mark, "Elizabeth Dodson," on the corner of some tablecloths she held in her lap.
She kissed him, then seated herself again, and took another tablecloth on her lap, unfolding it a little way to look at the pattern, while the children stood by in mute wretchedness, their minds quite filled for the moment with the words "beggars" and "workhouse.
DHL, the world's leading logistics group, honored Sebastian Vettel with this year s DHL Fastest Lap Award during a special ceremony at the final Grand Prix of 2013; the FORMULA 1 GRANDE PREMIO PETROBRAS DO BRASIL 2013 on November 24.
170 million of the 380 million laps were completed in the more than 30 racing series sanctioned by iRacing.
Kanto Terrorists Team featuring Austin Sicat, Michael Libao and Jereme Rosete were the runners-up, finishing with 124 laps.
Smith preferred the bottom of the track as he entered lapped traffic several laps later.
575, 7 Nico Rosberg (Ger) Williams at 1 lap, 8 Ralf Schumacher (Ger) Toyota at 1 lap, 9 Jarno Trulli (Ita) Toyota at 1 lap, 10 Heikki Kovalainen (Fin) Renault at 1 lap, 11 Rubens Barrichello (Bra) Honda at 1 lap, 12 Takuma Sato (Jpn) Super Aguri at 1 lap, 13 Mark Webber (Aus) Red Bull at 1 lap, 14 Vitantonio Liuzzi (Ita) Scuderia Toro Rosso at 1 lap, 15 Jenson Button (Gbr) Honda at 1 lap, 16 Anthony Davidson (Gbr) Super Aguri at 2 laps, 17 Adrian Sutil (Ger) Spyker at 2 laps.
Not Classified: 18 Alexander Wurz (Aut) Williams 48 laps completed, 19 David Coulthard (GB) Red Bull 48 laps, 20 Robert Kubica (Pol) BMW Sauber 36 laps, 21 Scott Speed (USA) Scuderia Toro Rosso 28 laps, 22 Christijan Albers (Ned) Spyker 10 laps
Wease led the final 20 laps to win after he and Swanson ran into lapped traffic late in the race.