lap against

lap against (something)

Of water, to break, beat, or splash gently against something, as due to a current or tide. I love sleeping out on my uncle's boat at night, with the waves lapping against the hull.
See also: lap

lap (up) against something

[for waves] to splash gently against something. The waves lapped up against the shore softly. The waves lapped against the side of the boat all night long, and I couldn't sleep.
See also: lap
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He has raised the horizon of the water, in waves that lap against the base of the cliffs," wrote Herbert Muschamp, who was then an architecture critic at The Times; others effused that Gehry's titanium nimbus, four times the size of Frank Lloyd Wright's uptown spiral, would rival the Statue of Liberty as a New York landmark.
They might look calm and peaceful as they gently lap against Germany's shores.
There are five exquisite restaurants in the resort, three of which are set right on the beach, allowing you to dine as the sun sets and the waves lap against the shore.
But ever since then, Tata Steel Europe, which Corus became, has been hit by falling demand and cut-throat Chinese competition with steel prices falling and rising like the tides which lap against the Port Talbot plant's Morfa Beach.
There's something stirring in Daniel's words, wise beyond his years, as the gentle waves of Belfast Lough lap against the disused slipways and wharfs, or the beaches further out at Helen's Bay near where he grew up.
As the waves lap against the beach and the seasons wax and wane, so has a French court found the Cameroonian actor, comedian, and recidivist bigot Dieudonne M'bala M'bala guilty of defamation, libel, and incitement to hatred and racial discrimination.
The fluid, transformative possibilities of water lap against the psychologically freighted bedscapes.
On the storied British circuit, which was slowly drying up after heavy rain, Porsche works driver Richard Lietz (Austria) clinched his first pole of the year for Porsche in the GTE Pro class in the very last lap against strong opposition from Ferrari and Aston Martin.
There was nothing better than listening to the merry din and feeling the cold wind lap against my cheeks while I ate some of the mangoes that the stalls sold.
The image of a retired couple sitting on a beach with drink in hand as the waves gently lap against the shore is nice, but how realistic is it?
Freedom Waves will continue to lap against Israeli gunships in their attempt to reach the shores of Gaza.
There's nothing quite like coming in after a long day and listening to the rain lap against the windows outside while you snuggle up in front of a real roaring fire.
We should all be able to sit back, relax and enjoy long evenings sitting outside or taking a BBQ down onto Druridge Bay and watching gentle waves lap against the miles of golden sands.
round of Turkey 2 contra pailding, 1 direct pailding and 1 pailding in lap against of technique, Korea used 2 pailding in lap and 2 direct paildingi as technique.
Cradled in a curving bay between rocky headlands, the white sandy beach runs in front of your eyes for miles as the turquoise waters lap against it.