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languish in

 some place
1. to become dispirited in some place; to weaken and fade away in some place. Claire languished in prison for her crime. I spent over three days languishing in a stuffy hotel room. We languished in the airport waiting room while they refueled the plane.
2. to suffer neglect in a place. The bill languished in the Senate for months on end. The children languished in the squalid conditions until the court intervened.
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languish over someone or something

to pine over someone or something. There is no point in languishing over Tim. He'll never come back. She wasted half her life languishing over her lost opportunities.
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4 at least, more compact in terms of tempo and rhythm, a piece delivered with both vigour and lyrical languishment.
endeavors to break conventional mobile accessories' languishment, monotony and tediousness.
The Comanche program office was deeply concerned by its languishment in the Dem/Val phase.
There is a languishment among our own publishers at present.
The convention center, the Hollywood & Highland drain, North Hollywood's decades-old economic languishment (rescued by the subway terminal), several other lethargic Community Redevelopment Agency project areas, and the imprudent rental housing policies are proof.
In Chretien's narrative, notes opposed to the original energetic ones occur, notes of lapse and languishment.