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languish in

 some place
1. to become dispirited in some place; to weaken and fade away in some place. Claire languished in prison for her crime. I spent over three days languishing in a stuffy hotel room. We languished in the airport waiting room while they refueled the plane.
2. to suffer neglect in a place. The bill languished in the Senate for months on end. The children languished in the squalid conditions until the court intervened.
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languish over someone or something

to pine over someone or something. There is no point in languishing over Tim. He'll never come back. She wasted half her life languishing over her lost opportunities.
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Teenagers languishing in today's suburbs might not be able to quote any Shakespearean couplets, but they have undoubtedly seen Leonardo DiCaprio yearn for Clare Danes on the big screen in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
In 1931, a scientist happened on a rock languishing in a desk drawer in the geology department at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.
Whilst Internet has been popular in Thailand for some years now, broadband access had been languishing.
Government is also considering one time fund infusion to revive and physically complete some of these languishing projects being implemented on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) mode of delivery only.
THE PARKASH Singh Badal- led Punjab government came under attack from the Opposition on Sunday for demanding premature release of convicted terrorists and ignoring the cause of 96 Sikh prisoners who are languishing in jails despite having completed their sentence.
ISLAMABAD -- Senior APHC leader Shabbir Ahmad Shah have appealed all affluent persons to come forward to help the families of those who have laid down their lives in Indian Occupied Kashmir during the ongoing freedom struggle and of those languishing in jails.
Limteoti also added that the committee demanded that investigating judge must investigate with detainees who languishing in military barracks for more than 6 months.
QUETTA, January 26, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Vice Chairman Brahvi Qaumi Ittehad Mohammad Ismael Shahwani called for providing more health facilities to the inmates languishing in Balochistans different jails.
Out of 71 Pakistanis imprisoned at the infamous detention camp, 63 have been shifted back to Pakistan, while eight are still languishing there.
Lottery Director Chon Gutierrez was told by legal advisers when California joined Mega Millions that the move to revitalize the state's languishing lottery was legal because it advanced the education-benefiting cause of the voter-approved Lottery Act of 1984.
Through the late '80's and mid-90's, the plan failed and the buildings remained empty - languishing in bankruptcies and work-out attempts.
The Brazils of "Dentro Brasil" are loquacious subjects of their own that may actually bring new energy to our languishing discussion of the uses of video.
A further rationalization of the industry's capacity is welcomed and hopefully will be sufficient to support both box and linerboard prices, which have been languishing in the spot markets.
THE long-standing demand from across quarters to expedite the deportation of foreign detenues languishing in jails across India is likely to be met soon for the Delhi High Court has taken up for consideration the draft guidelines for the same.
ISLAMABAD -- All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC) leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has demanded the immediate release of all illegally-detained Kashmiri Hurriyet leaders and activists languishing in different jails of India.