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dead-stick landing

The landing of an air or space craft without power (i.e., one whose control stick is "dead"). (Also written as "deadstick landing.") After the storm knocked out both of the plane's engines, the pilot was forced to performed a harrowing dead-stick landing.
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landing strip

1. Literally, a long flat stretch of land used by winged aircraft to land after flight. The flight had to circle the airport for nearly 30 minutes as debris was cleared from the landing strip.
2. slang Pubic hair, especially a woman's, that has been shaved or waxed into a single vertical line directly above the vulva.
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OLS is a pre-mission planning analysis tool that provides information about potential landing sites.
The 3-D radar will display the height of obstacles or terrain in the path of the aircraft, which makes pilots more aware of landing situations.
It therefore follows that even if the athlete wore a helmet during a technically correct vault and landing, he would still be vulnerable to a major catastrophic injury Since virtually every vault ends in the landing mat, the risk of wearing a helmet places the vaulter at an increased level of danger during properly executed vaults.
Nearly every catastrophic injury over the last 20 years could have been avoided by (1) using common-sense where circumstances dictate, (2) strict compliance to the rules on hazard-free soft-landing zones around the landing mat, (3) proper use and maintenance of legal-sized landing mats and vaulting poles, and (4) seeing that the participants (athlete and coach) acquire an accredited pole-vault event education.
1 -- 4 -- color) Standing on steps leading to the Boeing 747 shuttle carrier at Edwards Air Force Base recently are five past and current NASA employees who played roles in the 1977 shuttle approach and landing tests.
5) Retired NASA pilot Fitz Fulton, left, and astronaut Gordon Fullerton took part in the shuttle Enterprise's first landing.
1 -- color in AV edition only) The space shuttle Endeavour touches down at Edwards Air Force Base after bad weather prevented a Florida landing.
2 -- color -- ran in AV edition only) NASA personnel check the space shuttle's engines Wednesday after Endeavour's landing.
Proving the short-takeoff/vertical landing capabilities is considered one of the crucial tasks for joint strike fighter competitors.
The two competing teams are trying different methods to meet the short takeoff/vertical landing requirement.
The new Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn's Landing will quickly become a fixture in Philadelphia's finest social and business circles," said Sabatini.
Ross completely retracted the landing gear and descended slowly, landing the plane on its belly and stirring up a plume of dirt.
Although originally designed for use in unprepared areas, the MMLS is equally efficient in restoring landing services to airports when fixed-base landing capabilities are interrupted.
All the passengers are safe, and the cause of the difficulty with the landing gear is unknown.
Although originally designed for use in unprepared areas, Textron Systems' MMLS is equally efficient for restoring landing services to airports when fixed-base landing capabilities are interrupted.