land one

land/sock somebody one

to hit someone hard She just walked up and landed him one.
See also: land, one
References in classic literature ?
And though we've mayhappen got contrairy ways o' thinking about a many things--one man lays down his land one way an' another another--an' I'll not take it upon me to speak to no man's farming, but my own--this I'll say, as we're all o' one mind about our young squire.
But one's native shore is the land one loves the best, and that's good old P.
20) before Nina Carberry can land one for the girls on SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR (4.
The money has been pouring in all week for the Munich men to make up for their past disappointments but Dortmund - 50-1 pokes when betting first opened on the Champions League - have been upsetting the odds all season and Jurgen Klopp's brash youngsters have enough quality to land one last devastating blow.
Malcolm Proudlock from Annfield Plain did well ay Jubilee Lakes on Saturday, starting the day with two rainbows of 6lb 14oz in quick succession, going on to land one of 7lb 3oz and then, about 15 minutes before close, taking another good rainbow of 7lb 13oz.
He joined the Pru from rival Aviva last year, fuelling speculation that the 46-year-old was on course to land one of the City's top jobs.
But at the halfway stage Scotland hold third slot and, if that's still the case in May, the SPL will land one of the three extra places up for grabs.
If the Spaniard can just land one Major the I think he could win quite a few.
He said negotiations were under way to land one of three potential sites in the West Midlands.
USC fans want to know who will be the next Reggie Bush, LenDale White or Matt Leinart, with the Trojans poised to land one of the nation's top two recruiting classes today.
Offering tips, tricks and techniques for amateur, part-time, and full-time musicians with or without an agent of their own, chapters cover the basics of packaging and presenting oneself, such as why press kits are necessary but will rarely land one a job, and progresses to cover a wide variety of possible jobs at locations ranging from churches and country clubs to hotels, fairs, and schools, road gigs, and cruise ships.
Then, of course, there are Ireland, winners of just one Grand Slam in their history, but many peoples favourites to land one this year.
Deep-sea anglers, sit back in your deck chairs, close your eyes, and imagine fighting to land one of the monstrous fish that cruised the seas off South Carolina about 26 million years ago.
Yes they can weigh up to 200lbs, blah, blah, and yes hours of fun can be had trying to land one of them.
Two environmental groups, the Sierra Legal Defence Fund and Earthroots, are calling the tract of land one of the worst-managed forests in Ontario, pointing out an 11,000-hectare clearcut.