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lame joke

A joke that is deemed (often by the listener) to be corny or otherwise not amusing. A: "Come on, isn't that funny?" B: "It's kind of a lame joke, mom." My date clearly thinks he's hilarious, but all I heard was a bunch of lame jokes.
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lame duck

1. Someone or something that needs help. The company started as a lame duck that was saved by an innovative entrepreneur who decided to take some risks and go in a new direction.
2. An elected official serving his or her last term in office, usually so-called after a successor has been elected. The opposing party was angry at the president's intention to name a Supreme Court replacement while he was a lame duck.
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lame duck

1. Fig. someone who is in the last period of a term in an elective office and cannot run for reelection. You can't expect much from a lame duck. As a lame duck, there's not a lot I can do.
2. Fig. having to do with someone in the last period of a term in an elective office. (Used as an adjective; sometimes lame-duck.) You don't expect much from a lame-duck president. Lame-duck Congresses tend to do things they wouldn't dare do otherwise.
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a lame duck

1. a person or company that is in trouble and needs help In under two years, it was transformed from a state-owned lame duck into a successful company.
2. someone, especially an elected official, who cannot influence events any more, often because their job is going to end soon The Mayor intends to run for re-election to avoid being thought of as a lame duck. (mainly American)
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lame duck

An elected officeholder whose term of office has not yet expired but who has failed to be re-elected and therefore cannot garner much political support for initiatives. For example, You can't expect a lame duck President to get much accomplished; he's only got a month left in office . This expression originated in the 1700s and then meant a stockbroker who did not meet his debts. It was transferred to officeholders in the 1860s. The Lame Duck Amendment, 20th to the U.S. Constitution, calls for Congress and each new President to take office in January instead of March (as before), thereby eliminating the lame-duck session of Congress.
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and laine and lane
1. mod. inept; inadequate; undesirable. That guy’s so lame, it’s pitiful.
2. n. a square person. (Streets. Underworld.) Let’s see if that lame over there has anything we want in his pockets.
3. n. an inept person. The guy turned out to be a lame, and we had to fire him.

lame duck

1. n. someone who is in the last period of a term in an elective office. You can’t expect much from a lame duck.
2. mod. having to do with someone in the last period of a term in an elective office. You don’t expect much from a lame duck president.
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and lame-brain
1. n. a fool. Please don’t call me a lamebrain. I do my best.
2. and lamebrained mod. foolish. No more of your lamebrained ideas!


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A spokeswoman for Coventry City Council said Mrs Laming would be sent a written apology.
Unite and its members are willing to do everything possible to achieve the practical vision set out today by Lord Laming.
The ship has berthed and is discharging its traffic,and the damage to the vessel is being assessed,Mr Laming said.
Born in 1936, Herbert Laming studied applied social services at the University of Durham before starting his career in the probation service.
Laming had been accused of links with a Peruvian drugs gang and part of his defence was that the banknotes with traces of cocaine that were found in his car had been money paid out by on-course bookmakers after his alleged coup.
In 2007 no fewer than 55 children died at the hands of someone they knew - more than in any of the previous four years - and Lord Laming called their deaths "a reproach to us all".
The damning verdict came in a 100-page report by Lord Laming on the state of the child protection system.
Lord Laming, who led the damning Climbie inquiry, criticised public bodies for not doing enough to turn the policy changes he recommended six years ago into frontline practice.
Speaking at the report's launch in central London, Lord Laming urged everyone from Government ministers to the newest social worker to address these problems.
Speaking at the report's launch in London, Lord Laming urged everyone from Government ministers to the newest social worker to address these problems.
Lord Laming was asked to carry out the audit at the end of the trial of those responsible for 17-month-old Baby P's death in August 2007.
A wide range of individuals and organisations, from social workers to police officers, were bracing themselves for harsh criticism after Lord Laming heard that 12 opportunities were missed to save the little girl.
Inquiry chairman Lord Laming said Carole Baptiste has ``exhausted his patience'' after she yesterday ignored a summons -- the latest in a long line of attempts to get her to appear.
As chairman of the inquiry, Lord Laming will introduce his team of assessors drawn from the various specialist areas involved in the case, those being the police, social care, the health service and paediatrics.