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lament over someone or something

 and lament (for) someone or something
to sorrow over someone or something. There is no need to lament over Sam. There is nothing that crying will do for him now. She is still lamenting for her cat.
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Noteworthy in this regard is Christine's lament at the death of her husband, "Deuil angoisseux," set expansively for four voices by her contemporary, Gilles Binchois: "May our beautiful days be only shadows, our common songs but mortal funeral rites, without our being able to see our grief fade away, even in the coffin.
Jephthah's Daughter: A Lament is a ceremony which offers an opportunity to grieve the sacrifice of Jephthah's daughter, and to ponder the meaning of her sacrifice to us today.
Paraig MacNeil, of Dunblane, Perthshire, wrote the 36-line Lament to Donald Dewar - Hero of the People, in Gaelic.
and it was as much a cry of common ground as it was a cry of lament.
Petter presents the three categories in these texts: the historical city laments (The Lamentation over Sumer and Ur, The Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur, The Eridu Lament, The Uruk Lament, and The Nippur Lament), as well as the erfemmas and Wags.
Lament of the dead; psychology after Jung's Red Book.
LAMENT OF THE DEAD: PSYCHOLOGY AFTER JUNG'S RED BOOK reassesses psychology in light of religion and history and gathers a series of some fifteen conversations on the subject over a two-year time span, considering how the original Red Book discussions changed perspectives on Jung's works.
We lament the pervasive, arrogant abuse of power at all levels.
Blue February, Lament and For You, the shelf installations, include hundreds of wheel-thrown-and-altered tea bowls, cups, cylinders and beakers, in various assemblies and positions.
This word represents not just a lament, but a violent lament--used, for example, in Greek translations to render the Hebrew term "roaring" of Job 3:24.
This article examines this contextual reversal and the theme of destruction in death with reference to the traditional lament repertoire and its ancient precursors.
Hinze argues that lament plays a critically important role in
com LAMENT KENILWORTH'S finest, Lament, will be adding a touch of 'The Latin beat' at The University of Warwicks' Art Centre on June 24.
Klinck observes that the topic of lament is "overwhelming" in its ambiguity of precise definition (1).