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Wishing to see at my Lock up the river, the person as we've spoke of, and as you've answered for, I takes my leave of the lambs and of their learned governor both.
Lamb, but if you should come, I don't think I shall have the heart to send you away.
His face became as white as the fleece of the lamb that, now finding itself suddenly released, ran down the hill.
The truth was that in spite of all he had heard he had not in the least understood what this boy would be like and that his fox and his crow and his squirrels and his lamb were so near to him and his friendliness that they seemed almost to be part of himself.
He walked over to Colin's sofa and put the new-born lamb quietly on his lap, and immediately the little creature turned to the warm velvet dressing-gown and began to nuzzle and nuzzle into its folds and butt its tight-curled head with soft impatience against his side.
There now," and he pushed the rubber tip of the bottle into the nuzzling mouth and the lamb began to suck it with ravenous ecstasy.
By the time the lamb fell asleep questions poured forth and Dickon answered them all.
It was a weak bleatin' an' I knowed it was a new lamb as was hungry an' I knowed it wouldn't be hungry if it hadn't lost its mother somehow, so I set off searchin'.
Being unable to export lambs to Europe during the key sheep-breeding season has meant that many Welsh farmers have more lambs on their farms than they are able to feed or keep.
The objective of study was to evaluate through feeding calf milk replacer to lambs for optimum growth performance and survivability.
As new season lambs come onto the market, NFU Cymru's has launched an eight-point plan to spur supermarkets into action.
New Zealand lamb comes in during the winter, when our lambs are not coming out.
2012) used regression tree modelling to estimate the live weights of lambs from body measurements.
Abstract: A study was carried out on 12 male lambs of Dumbi sheep breed reared under two management systems at the Department of Livestock Management Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Sindh Agriculture University Tando jam.
Since the maternal behavior of pregnant and lactating ewes may be linked to mortality of lambs, experience and temperament should be taken into consideration in the management of sheep flocks (Rech et al.