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Badal laid the foundation stone of Malaut road overbridge in Bathinda worth ` 72 crore.
lay in : to store for later use <They laid in supplies for the winter.
So back to that newspaper passage: The phrasing "it lay the groundwork" should have been "it laid the groundwork.
When the network laid off its staff, Jett, who is also still awaiting a paycheck, was told his show was the most expensive to produce; by the end of February he and Bernhard had yet to go back before cameras, and Bernhard's contract is due to expire this month.
The airline said in September, when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, that it would lay off 1,400 flight attendants and 900 were laid off that month, Bloomberg reported.
Employees who are laid off are often out of work through no fault of their own and generally eligible for UI benefits.
The day he was laid off was the same day as the annual Dallas IABC chapter workshop.
notes on air laid nonwovens of yesterday, today and tomorrow
ISLAMABAD -- The lone Hockey Stadium in Rawalpindi has to wait for sometime more, to get an astro-turf to be laid there.
The following ceremonies are taking place on November 11, unless stated otherwise: BOOSBECK: Wreath to be laid on behalf of Redcar and Cleveland Council by Councillor David Williams.
It offers the nearest solution to an instant lawn, can be laid quickly and shouldn't need too much aftercare as long as the ground is moist and it rains within a couple of days.
Meanwhile, in the insect version of a police crackdown, the queen or workers kill an egg that was laid illicitly by a worker (SN: 3/19/05, p.
In the second race, the Ryanair Chase, we laid three horses - Our Vic, Impek and the winner, Fondmort - and lost a little on the race.
69) Perhaps more importantly, the lay leadership Catholics exhibited during the Vietnam War laid he groundwork for lay participation in the "Call to Action" conferences in the l970s.
PALMDALE - Palmdale School District officials will notify 115 teachers and 10 assistant principals they may be laid off at the end of the school year to help slash $12 million from the 2003-04 budget.