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1. adjective Pretentiously snobbish or elitist. I'd rather not go to some la-di-da restaurant and get overpriced rabbit food. Let's just get pizza.
2. interjection A sarcastic and derisive phrase meant to mock what one perceives as pretentious or overly refined. Well, la-di-da, look at Mr. Fancy in his new suit. Wow, you were on student council? La-di-da!


1. mod. casual; relaxed and uncaring. She’s not all that calm about her possessions, but she is very lah-di-dah with men.
2. interj. a jeer; a mocking response. So you have a new car! Well, lah-di-dah.
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To improve the purification of LAH, statistical optimization was conducted by employing Design of Experiment (DOE) method in DESIGN-EXPERT (Version 6.
The LAH estimates that there are about 1,000 people living in Lebanon with hemophilia and other blood disorders.
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Born in Chicago on September 24th, 1979, Lah Tere is the daughter of two teachers who migrated from Puerto Rico to Humboldt Park, a largely Puerto Rican community located on Chicago's northwest side.
Oversight Duties Lah reviews the physical properties of the community and checks account ledgers and work logs to make sure the necessary work is completed.
Half of all patients registered with LAH are under 18, and over 60 percent already suffer from severe motor disability due to lack of disease education and limited access to treatment.
An agreement was reached whereby Apvodedo would have exclusive rights for a six-week period to buy the Ritz from LAH for pounds 258.
Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar told the New Straits Times that ''it was expected that Pak Lah would administer the country differently'' and that should not be seen as backstabbing Mahathir.
Tek: Smokey Lah for the kidz representin' Smif-N-Wessun, Big Tek here.
Register now for this interactive webcast with TSIA's Thomas Lah, Intuit's Eric Cofer and Clarabridge's Russ Cosentino to learn the best practices from high-performance organizations.
Team Ceeref have also had a good run, joining half way through the 2007 season they went on to take a second place overall in 2008 and owner Igor Lah is in a good position in the present tour with pro skipper Sebastien Col.
On World Hemophilia Day we want to spread the message that comprehensive care is necessary for people with bleeding disorders in order for them to live healthy and productive lives," LAH President Solange Sakr said at the conference at Beirut's Movenpick Hotel.
Sinclair is expected to be one of the top contenders for the league's three individual postseason berths, along with LAB's Barnhart and Anderson, Niraj Lah of Campbell Hall and Alain Torres of Village Christian of Sun Valley.
4 billion) which he now nonchalantly leaves to Pak Lah the unenviable task to deal with,'' he said, using Abdullah's affectionate name.
In his opening keynote, "The Service Innovation Heat Map," Lah will provide a practical assessment of the sources for this service innovation in the next three to five years.