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lag behind in something

to fall behind in something. I am lagging behind in my car payments. She is lagging behind in her homework assignments.
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lag behind (someone or something)

to linger behind someone or something; to fall behind someone or something. Come on up here. Don't lag behind us or you'll get lost. Please don't lag behind the donkeys. Come up here with the rest of the hikers.
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lag behind (somebody/something)

to not be at the level that someone or something else has already achieved The pay for government workers lags behind the pay for workers in private industry. He lagged far behind his classmates in reading and math skills.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of lag behind (to not walk as quickly as your companions)
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lag behind

1. To fail to maintain the pace or progress of someone or something; straggle: I lagged behind the rest of the hikers and got lost. Don't forget to do your readings for class, or you'll lag behind.
2. To proceed or develop with comparative slowness: Sales are lagging behind this year compared to last year.
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The distributed lag plays vital role in determining the value of dependent variable at time.
The effect size for the crucial interaction between condition and lag was numerically smaller for the analyses of d' than for the analyses of the hits, suggesting that d' is a more conservative measure.
In this case, lags of the predictor are incorporated by expanding the weighting polynomial.
Same SIGLAB for generation and measurement; frequency 200Hz, sample rate 1024 Imposed lag 0 [pi]/2 [pi]/4 [pi]/6 [pi]/10 Measured lag [10.
An assumption is needed before further discussions, based on the unique situations involving yearly data, which is that the possible lag term in Hong Kong's OPI is less than a year.
A(L) and B(L) are lag polynomials that take the form:
The method has a natural real-time implementation in which 1) a first estimate of the reproduction number is available after a lag that depends on the generation interval, and 2) while the epidemic goes on, the estimate is consolidated, and its credible interval narrows.
On the other hand, lags are much longer for updating changes in physician practices (e.
Any protocol estimating the number of layers lost to resorption relies on the concept that the spatial pattern of the LAGs is representative of the growth of the animal.
Like the earlier case, second-period lags for either variable have no effect.
Under the relocation plan, they said we were still governed under the LAG and CHA, so everything that goes against a CHA resident goes against us," she said.
If the relation between photon lag and brightness holds true in general, it would enable scientists to estimate the distances to the thousands of bursts that have not been directly measured.
Note that L represents average lag time when the lags actually occur.
We assume that political (inside) lags are slower than economic (outside) ones and that the transmission lag is a barrier between the political and economic mediums through which the policy moves.