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In the final chapter of the book, the need for revolutionising agriculture has been given special treatment in view of the larger concentration of rural poor in the lagging regions.
Firstly, in terms of the vital need to protect environmental interests, the question is will the lagging areas enjoy growth options similar to the leading areas?
The lagging error appears to be smaller in the 4th quarter when the prices are re-appraised (Fu, 2002).
The lagging problem looks to be more serious in commercial real estate, due to fewer transactions.
Childs charted a few payback projections comparing the more expensive ceramic lagging with the faster-- wearing rubber variety.
superconductivity: Warsaw Pact generally is lagging except in some areas; NATO is capable of making some contributions; Japan is significantly ahead in some niches of technology.
In addition, since the Coated Dura-Drive[TM] Lagging EZ is installed in sections, if lagging is damaged in one section, you can replace only the section and not have to replace the entire roll covering.
To help with specification, Flexco has also enhanced its online Lagging Calculator to include Flex-Lag Adhesives.
A copper mine in the Arizona desert is operating at near full capacity for the first time in several years thanks to a new ceramic-tile pulley lagging that has doubled the traction of a drive pulley.
To increase the coefficient of friction of the drive pulley, Asarco installed the Flexco Flex-Lag ceramic pulley lagging developed by Flexible Steel Lacing Co.
This fact should be of particular concern to lagging credit card companies, as web sites play a major role in determining which credit card a consumer will choose.
These frustrations are keeping consumers from using online services at lagging web sites.
Under that demanding burden, the drive pulley's diamond-grooved rubber lagging couldn't create enough friction across its 72-in.
Sales of consumer products also appear to be lagging our recent projections.
The composite index of lagging indicators was not computed for December because three components were missing (ratio of manufacturing and trade inventories to sales, change in unit labor costs, and ratio of consumer installment credit to income) The index decreased 0.