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lager lout

A loud, obnoxious drunk man. Primarily heard in UK. When I went to England, I accidentally ended up in a pub filled with lager louts.
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a ˈlager lout

(British English) a young man who drinks too much alcohol and then behaves in a noisy and unpleasant way: The police are planning to crack down on lager louts this summer.
See also: lager, lout
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Co-op Czech lager and Waitrose Czech lager - both 99p/500ml - good value lagers with a malty flavour and refreshing slightly bitter after taste.
Jonathan Hughes samples his latest beer, 1085 Snowdon''s lager
We also plan to cross promote Wrexham Lager on a range of merchandise, and we are also delighted that the famous brew will be available on match days inside the ground.
Sapporo Breweries is in dispute with Kirin Brewery seeking a court order to ban sales of Fine Lager due to its similar label design with its mainline ''Lager'' beer.
Mwayanale--who read about the Windhoek Lager initiative in the newspapers--said: "The Windhoek Lager Ambassador programme should serve as an encouragement to citizens that their efforts are appreciated and recognized at national level.
It is sometimes called an amber lager, although that seems simplistic.
MARCUS: It smells like a lager and is quite nice and hoppy.
With today's craft beer revolution lager drinkers are expecting more from their tipple.
ARFUR DALEY Wrexham Export Lager, 5%ABV, available at the Gravity Station in Barrack Lane, Cardiff Wrexham Lager was originally brewed in 1882 by German immigrants and in 1949 the company was bought by Ind Coope and, following many mergers became part of Allied Breweries and eventually Carlsberg-Tetley who closed the brewery down in 2000.
This created a pale-gold lager with a blend of Pilsner maltiness and a mild hops aroma.
In addition to the win for AC Golden, MillerCoors' brewing companies took home eight individual brand medals C including a category sweep in the American-Style Lager or Light Lager category.
Anheuser-Busch InBev marked their National Lager Day event with a Brewmaster Tour event at the Intrepid Air & Space museum in New York City (above) and with the release of a survey conducted by A-B InBev and KRC Research.
Following the announcement of a three-year partnership between SABMiller's premier Lager, Castle Lager, and one of Europe's most popular football clubs FC Barcelona in Spain recently, this week saw the launch of the partnership in Namibia.
God Lager is brilliant gold in colour and pours with a white head.
MOUNT Snowdon marked a new high for lager production in North Wales.