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I have nothing against Lady Godiva or Coventry but I am Banbury born and bred and very proud of it.
The Scissors Lady is still watching soaps and cutting a blue cloth this time and I ask her when my Daddy is coming back and where he is because the Green Man is in the alley in the big garbage can putting pop cans in his bag and Daddy can kill his ass for showing me his butt and making Dani scared and run home and the sewing machine does that fast duh duh duh duh duh sound.
Yet when the narrator offers the similar story of the upper-class 'Atiyya Hanim, a relative of her mother who lodges with them after leaving a marriage ruined by polygamy, Huda Hanim brings out all manner of delicate feelings and excuses for the jealousies and annoying interventions of this lady in her life.
Although the actual cause of the fire was never officially determined, it's safe to say that most of the fatalities at Our Lady of Angels were due to structural problems in the school's fire-safety system, problems that could and should have been addressed by municipal, diocesan, or parochial authorities.
The role of any First Lady should be seriously looked at.
Spotting a Chumash ball-and-cup toy, the first lady challenged student Simi Balyan.
The numbers are staggering; they are so enormous that they take one's breath away: an employee of the Mexico City Tourist Bureau reports that seven million people attend the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe on her feast day, December 12, and other sources state that 20 million people attend the basilica in the course of a year.
Club Championships: (Saturday) Ladies: Lady Captain 73 Men: Terry Evason 69 (Sunday) Ladies: Jean McCluskey 81 Men: Ben Kinsey 68
With his wistful, silent-movie face, he's his own perfect leading lady.
Lady reformers then stepped into the fray, using the fate of these girls to denounce the cold hard "machine" of the workhouse system.
Her father is an earl so Lady Rose is firmly ensconced in polite society, a situation she abhors because women have no freedom and are passed from their father to their husband.
95) provides the first book in the series: set at Queen Elizabeth's court, spunky and rebelliou girl sleuth Lady Grace, amateur detective and 13-year-old lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, is recovering from her mother's untimely death and the proposition of marriage from three suitors.
News & World Report cover story, the first of what would be many newsweekly cover stories on the First Lady.
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat was recently presented with the 2006 Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices.