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Lady Hunstanton, I have such good news to tell you.
I am sure she would, Lady Hunstanton, if she knew Lord Illingworth had made me such an offer.
My Lady Steyne knows that appearances are sometimes against the best of women; that lies are often told about the most innocent of them.
You may strike me if you like, sir, or hit any cruel blow," Lady Gaunt said.
Wealth and station, added to these, soon floated her upward, and for years now my Lady Dedlock has been at the centre of the fashionable intelligence and at the top of the fashionable tree.
My Lady Dedlock, having conquered HER world, fell not into the melting, but rather into the freezing, mood.
At this moment, while Lady Janet is talking to Horace Holmcroft, something that has passed between them has set her thinking of the day when she took the first fatal step which committed her to the fraud.
At first sight Lady Janet had yielded to the fascination of the noble and interesting face.
Perhaps I ought to be angry with you, that I have neither seen nor heard from you all day; for I perceive your distemper would have suffered you to come abroad: nay, I suppose you have not sat in your chamber all day drest up like a fine lady to see company after a lying-in; but, however, don't think I intend to scold you; for I never will give you an excuse for the cold behaviour of a husband, by putting on the ill-humour of a wife.
Nay, Lady Bellaston," said Jones, "I am sure your ladyship will not upbraid me with neglect of duty, when I only waited for orders.
Lady Lydiard repeated, as if the expression was perfectly unintelligible to her.
said the old lady, after a short pause: 'it's all very fine, I dare say; but I can't hear him.
The funeral should have been deferred, lest Lady Eleanore's spirits be affected by such a dismal welcome.
The door opened, and the lady who had come to see the house appeared in the dining-room.
Seeing that my lady took an interest in the out-of-door work, and the farms, and such like, I took an interest in them too-- with all the more reason that I was a small farmer's seventh son myself.