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label someone or something as something

to designate someone or something as something. She labeled him as an uncouth person. We labeled the committee as a worthless organization.
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label someone or something with something

to mark or identify someone or something with something. They labeled each person who had paid the admission fee with a symbol stamped on the hand. I labeled each book with my name.
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label mate

n. someone who records on the same label (as the speaker). (Record industry.) Frank Duke is my label mate, and we like to get together and gossip about the record industry.
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References in classic literature ?
A wide landing separated its two bureaus, the doors of which were duly labelled.
Then a very gentle voice in the distance said, 'She must be labelled "Lass, with care," you know--'
It was a large window, forming part of the long facade of a gilt and palatial public-house; it was the part reserved for respectable dining, and labelled "Restaurant.
No sign of occult art is to be seen, unless the bundles of dried herbs hanging to the rack and in the ingle and the row of labelled phials on one of the shelves betoken it.
Some remote fragment of Main Line to somewhere else, there was, which was going to ruin the Money Market if it failed, and Church and State if it succeeded, and (of course), the Constitution, whether or no; but even that had already so unsettled Cloisterham traffic, that the traffic, deserting the high road, came sneaking in from an unprecedented part of the country by a back stable-way, for many years labelled at the corner: 'Beware of the Dog.
Can't understand why he should have gone about labelled like this," he said, looking up at Chief Inspector Heat.
I retreated from there, and cross- ing the dining room--a very bare apartment with a motionless punkah hanging over the centre table --I knocked at a door labelled in black letters: "Chief Steward.