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A shortening of the word "later," with "8" representing the same sound as "ate." Typically used in text or online messages to say "goodbye." A: "OK, I have to get back to work, talk to you tonight." B: "l8r" Can't w8 4 our date, c u l8r!

l8r g8r

A way to shorten the phrase "later, gator" ("see you later, alligator"), with "8" representing the "ate" sound in both words. Typically used in text or online messages. A: "OK, I have to get back to work, talk to you tonight." B: "l8r g8r" Can't w8 4 our date, l8r g8r!
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later, gator

A shortening of the childish rhyme "see you later, alligator." Later, gator! I'll see you again next week A: "Bye Daddy, have a nice day at work!" B: "Later gator!"
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mod. good-bye; later. (L + eight + R. Used in electronic mail and computer forum or news group messages. Not pronounced aloud.) Bye, CU L8R.

Later, gator

and L8R G8R
phr. & comp. abb. See you later, alligator. C U L8R G8R.
See also: gator


See also: G8R, L8R
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