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It's not cricket.

 and It's not kosher.
It's not done.; It's not acceptable. You can't do that! It's not cricket!
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it’s (just) not ˈcricket

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) it is not a fair or an honourable action or way of behaving
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(ˈkoʃɚ and ˈkoʒɚ)
1. and koshe mod. acceptable; cricket. (From Hebrew kasher, “proper,” via Yiddish. Koshe is a slang clipping.) Is it kosher to do this?
2. tv. to make something acceptable. Do you want me to kosher it with the boss for you?
3. mod. having to do with undiluted alcohol. I’ll take mine kosher with a little ice.

keep kosher

To observe Jewish dietary laws.
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Kosher cheese producers are responding to the demand for finer cheese.
Reform finally came to the American kosher food industry with the rise of private kosher certification agencies.
Now, at Stringfellow, said TDCJ spokesman Jason Clark, a Jewish rabbi conducts services and there is a kosher kitchen at the prison.
Vegetarians should be aware that gelatin is animal-derived, and a designation that gelatin is kosher does not mean it is vegetarian.
You don't have to be Jewish to eat or cook kosher food," Fein said.
labelling requirements for compliance with USDA and kosher regulations in the
Lubicom statistics also indicate that over 11 million Americans purchase Kosher food products on a recurring basis, with nearly three times the amount (21% of all Americans) buying an occasional product.
Cooking kosher (she didn't grow up in a kosher household but has kept kosher for 13 years, and her restaurant is strictly kosher) doesn't limit her, she says, adding that her food is very approachable.
Two Long Island butchers challenged the kosher law, maintaining that it relied on Orthodox standards to determine what constitutes kosher, as opposed to other branches of Judaism.
During the BSE debacle, I was glad I ate only kosher meat.
While plain black coffee generally can be ordered without too much of a problem, flavored coffees can present kosher concerns.
A state prison inmate brought a [section] 1983 action seeking to compel corrections officials to provide him with a kosher diet.
The article appeared to suggest that there is a diminishing demand in NYC for kosher restaurants (and perhaps steakhouses in particular).
For example, to make kosher cheese a rabbi must be present to add rennet to the mixture.