know something

(do you) know something

are you aware of something You know something? Drinking and driving don't mix! Know something? I'm pretty disgusted with you!
See also: know
References in classic literature ?
But you MUST know SOMETHING," declared Dorothy, getting provoked.
I know something more than your name about you; I knew something about Gaffer Hexam.
Well then,' said the owner, 'I'll set a higher value on myself for the future, and consider that I know something, as I have an excellence of some sort; for though I always thought I brayed well, I never supposed I came up to the pitch of perfection you say.
I know something is going to happen, something terrible, and I can do nothing to stop it.
I knew something of the bourgeois of Geneva, now I know something of the bourgeois of Brussels; if I went to London, I would know something of the bourgeois of London.
Brooke's manner, but he did really wish to know something of his niece's mind, that, if there were any need for advice, he might give it in time.
But to comprehend it aright, you must know something of the curious internal structure of the thing operated upon.
There must be quite a number of persons living who remember him, not unkindly, I trust, and know something of the story that I am about to tell.
Now, look here, I want to know something, and you've got to tell me.
The truth is, I made an acquaintance at Aldborough of whom you know something -- at least by report.
But of men--I have known one man indifferent well for over forty years, have exulted in him (odd to think of it), shuddered at him, wearied of him, been willing (God forgive me) to jog along with him tolerantly long after I have found him out; I know something of men, and, on my soul, boy, I believe I am wronging you.
But we should like to ask him a question: Does he who has knowledge know something or nothing?
Pray, Will, let us know what passed between you and your wife; for I know something of it already.
Such a friend is sure to know something of my brother in these last days.
On the fishing," replied the Canadian; "before entering upon the ground, it is as well to know something about it.