know beans about

not know beans about something

  (American & Australian informal)
to know nothing about something I don't know beans about computers - I've never even used one.
See also: bean, know
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Scientists finally do know beans about soybeans, thanks to a newly unveiled, sequenced genome.
I wasn't a rugby fan - I didn't know beans about rugby.
The problem is we don't know beans about it," Lancaster Finance Committee member Walter Sendrowski said.
If you are calling on me and you don't know beans about me or my company, I'll know for sure that all you care about is your sale.
Yet, two years ago he got lucky on a big bull, and then, because he didn't have enough sense to know he doesn't know beans about writing, he wrote a story about that big bull--and we published it in Big Game Special 2002.
Four-fifths of the way through her new book, For the Time Being, Annie Dillard confesses, "I don't know beans about God.
I am curious about women's bodies, though I don't know beans about them.
They're smart guys, and I've had chicken at their place, but they don't know beans about trees or shade or how, with just a few minutes' work and some decent root growth, they could have a first-rate, cool-water pond that would give everybody in the neighborhood a hand up.