knock some sense into

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knock (some) sense into (one)

To assist or persuade someone to start thinking sensibly (about something). Jason is convinced that he wants to get a tattoo once he turns 18, but I'm hoping we'll be able to knock sense into him by then. If you think you're going to find success with your high school rock band, then someone needs to knock some sense into you.
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knock some sense into someone

 and knock some sense in
to strike one, making one smarter, or at least obedient. I think his father finally knocked some sense into him. The accident finally knocked in some sense. I thought that last week's experience would knock some sense in.
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knock/talk some ˈsense into somebody

(informal) try to persuade somebody to stop behaving in a stupid way, sometimes using rough or violent methods: I wish somebody would knock some sense into our politicians.Try and talk some sense into her before she makes the wrong decision.
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knock some sense into

To beat or hit (someone) in an effort to teach a lesson or cause a person to adopt an acceptable pattern of behavior.
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My internal dialogue had been shouting and screaming and cajoling me, hitting me with fuzzy logic, caressing me with kind words, then wanting to knock some sense into my nonsense with the aid of a cricket bat.
It was here he fell in love with drama, but when he announced his ambition to his father, Richard put him to work on a building site to knock some sense into him.
As a married father-of-two himself, you get the impression Michael, 44, wants to take garage owner Kevin outside and knock some sense into him with a spanner.
Two months have passed, and it seems USC might have scratched its head hard enough to finally knock some sense into it.
It may even knock some sense into the warring politicians and make them understand the dire necessity of working together to save the country.
Bandmate Mollie King, 21, promised she'd knock some sense into her pal if she ever goes too far: "If any of the girls ever started going off the rails, the other four would pull them back into line and slap them out of it.
The first group believes that one-state talk might help knock some sense into the heads of Israeli decision-makers.
Hopefully the sports minister's remarks about the levy yesterday will knock some sense into both sides and bring about a solution that is fair to everyone.
After receiving a slew of horrid reviews for his latest film BloodRayne earlier this year, Boll was incensed and did what any successful filmmaker would do -- challenged his detractors to a boxing match to knock some sense into them and settle the score.
Rick had to sit me down and knock some sense into me," Bidwell said.
I'm not clear in my own mind what tactics you could, or should, use to knock some sense into Blair & Co.
Maybe it should be required reading for all Tories and, for those politicians who are arguing, then they could be hit savagely around the head with this 246-page hardback book to knock some sense into them.
A: Right up at the very top and good enough to stride up those Hampden stairs and knock some sense into the football people there who have been holding our game back.
I will go to the end of the earth and come back just to knock some sense into you.
CORONATION STREET BECKY and Steve need their heads banging together to knock some sense into them.