knock socks off

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knock someone's socks off

 and knock the socks off (of) someone
Sl. to surprise someone thoroughly. (Fixed order. Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The exciting news just knocked my socks off! The news knocked the socks off of everyone in the office.
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knock your socks off

to completely surprise or please you very much The magazine is beautiful and combines color and unusual design in a way that knocks your socks off.
Usage notes: also used with other verbs to say that something is done in an extreme way or to a great degree: I worked my socks off to get my degree.
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knock somebody's/something's socks off

also beat somebody's/something's socks off
to completely defeat a competitor Japan and Korea knocked the socks off the United States in tests of science and math.
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knock (someone's) socks off

To overwhelm or amaze.
See also: knock, off, sock