knock sense into

knock (some) sense into somebody

to use strong methods in order to teach someone to stop behaving stupidly A month in prison should knock some sense into him.
See also: knock, sense
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However, it seems an uphill task to knock sense into the heads of our leaders, who want to continue with the animosity for their political gains at home.
It just beggars belief that it has taken a retired MP nudging 80 to knock sense into the ditherers who pretend to run this country.
JOHN MACKIE LOST: 6 STONE 8LB A HEAVYWEIGHT celebrity encounter was enough to knock sense into John.
They need these forecasts to knock sense into them about impending doom, so they can get their escape plan in order and re-examine their homeowners policies.
For my part, that's why I report to work each morning--to put out a magazine (and a website, an e-newsletter, books and a syndicated column) to try to knock sense into people, from policymakers, teachers and businesspeople to ordinary citizens who read E or the many other media that reprint our stories.
When Tom Cronin noticed I was spending more time reading greens than reading books--my golf scores and grades were in full lock, all in the low 70s--he stayed clear of trying to knock sense into my head.
com's William Ratliff explores whether Colin Powell will knock sense into U.