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But many a night I did not knock off work until midnight.
Benassis, there are one or two more bits of waste that I mean to clear for you before I knock off work," the old man answered cheerfully, and light shone in his little black eyes.
Knock off work early if you can and get to the Symphony Hall foyer bar well before kick-off or a pensioner will have your seat.
Many people who sweat a lot, especially tradesmen, knock off work and have a beer.
45pm throw-in at Dr Cullen Park, Dublin manager Jim Gavin and his Donegal counterpart Jim McGuinness both claimed yesterday that players who need to knock off work early or take a day off on leave should be reimbursed by the GAA.
Everyone will have to knock off work early, and show up late on Friday.
He's not the sort of man who'd knock off work for a month, though, and neither could any prime minister - even if his wife wanted him to.
I think the donkey was a clock-watcher and my shout, like a factory whistle, must have made him think it was time to knock off work and head for home.
FULHAM won't have many fans inside Loftus Road, but the supporters that do decide to knock off work early could be rewarded with a victory over Hertha Berlin in this afternoon's Uefa Cup tie.
The festivities start at 7pm when the 11 drivers knock off work until noon tomorrow.