knock off

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knock off (doing something)

to stop doing something. Knock off shoveling snow now, and come in for a hot drink. I wish he would knock off practicing for a while.
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knock off (work)

to quit work, for the day or for a break. What time do you knock off work? I knock off about five-thirty.
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knock something off

1. to manufacture or make something, especially in haste. I'll see if I can knock another one off before lunch. They knocked off four window frames in an hour.
2. to knock off some amount from the price of something, lowering its price. The store manager knocked 30 percent off the price of the coat. Can't you knock something off on this damaged item?
3. to copy or reproduce a product. The manufacturer knocked off a famous designer's coat. They are well known for knocking off cheap versions of expensive watches.
4. Go to knock something off (of) someone or something.
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knock something off (of) someone or something

 and knock something off
to remove something from someone or something by striking. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) I knocked the hard hat off of Wally when I hit him accidentally with the ladder. My elbow knocked off the book.
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knock off (something)

to stop work for a time When do you knock off for the day? We knocked off work at six o'clock.
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knock something off

also knock off something
1. to subtract a certain amount from the price of an item The manager knocked two bucks off because the dress had a button missing. If you knock off five dollars, I'd consider buying it.
2. to produce something quickly and easily He can usually knock off a short story in just a few days.
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knock off

1. Take a break or rest from, stop, especially quit working. For example, He knocked off work at noon, or Let's knock off at five o'clock. [Colloquial; mid-1600s] Also see knock it off.
2. Also, knock out. Dispose of or produce easily or hastily, finish, as in A writer of detective novels, he knocks off a book a year, or We can knock out a rough drawing in a few minutes. The first colloquial usage dates from the early 1800s, the variant from the mid-1800s.
3. Get rid of, reduce, as in She knocked off twelve pounds in a month, or They knocked off one-third of the original price. [Colloquial; early 1800s]
4. Kill, murder, as in They decided to knock off the old lady. [Slang; early 1900s] Also see knock someone's block off.
5. Copy or imitate, especially without permission, as in They are knocking off designer Swiss watches and selling them for a few dollars. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
6. Hold up, rob, as in The gang knocked off two liquor stores in half an hour. [Slang; early 1900s] Also see knock the socks off.
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knock off

1. To hit something abruptly and dislodge it or remove it from something else: I accidentally knocked the vase off the shelf as I walked by. Knock off the mud on your shoes before you come in. The low branch knocked my hat off.
2. Slang To take a break or rest: Let's knock off for a few minutes and get something to eat.
3. Slang To stop doing some kind of labor for the day: We knocked off work at noon and went fishing. Let's knock off early today and go out for a drink.
4. Slang To complete, accomplish, or dispose of something hastily or easily; finish something quickly or easily: That author knocks off three books a year. Once we knock the project off, we can eat lunch.
5. Slang To eliminate something; get rid of something: The sales person knocked $50 off the price of the stereo. Knock off 12 pounds in just one month with our exclusive diet plan!
6. Slang To overcome or defeat someone or something: They knocked off the two best teams in the league. They were the better team, but somehow we knocked them off by almost 20 points.
7. Slang To kill someone: The sniper knocked off three of our best soldiers. I was afraid that they would knock me off if I told the police.
8. Slang To rob some place: He went to jail for knocking off a bank.
9. Slang To copy or imitate something, especially without permission: He made a career out of knocking off other peoples ideas. The new car design really just knocks off last year's model.
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knock off

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They might not have had stars, but the teams that did could not knock off the Lakers.
The Indians (5-5-3) fell in a 2-2 tiebreaker but had every chance to knock off the heavily favored Bulldogs (14-1-1), who were 32-0 last season and entered this year ranked No.
Stephanie Patterson had 22 points and the Valencia girls' basketball team (9-3) rallied to knock off Littlerock 60-57 Tuesday night at the Simi Valley Tournament.
Gimelstob, a former UCLA star, needed the extra rest after laboring through two hours, 15 minutes and two tiebreakers to knock off tournament favorite Mark Philippoussis in a match that ended at 10:14 p.
2 percent from the field in the second half to knock off the Grizzlies (17-6, 10-2), which got a team-high 15 points from Lauren Cooper, their only player to score in double figures.
The Spartans - bidding to knock off the Eagles for the second time in three years - forced the right-hander to throw 92 pitches but managed only one hit and three baserunners in 24 at-bats.
The Granada Hills and Poly High boys' volleyball teams reached that point Thursday night when sixth-seeded and underdog Poly rallied from a 2-1 deficit in games to knock off third-seeded Granada Hills 15-12, 9-15, 12-15, 15-11, 15-9 in a City-championship second-round match at Granada Hills.
San Jacinto used a late-game burst and dominant inside play to knock off Antelope Valley College 77-68 in a nonconference men's basketball game in San Jacinto.
Carr said he scheduled a short period of double workouts so that the Wolverines could knock off a few cobwebs.