knock down

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knock someone or something down

to thrust someone or something to the ground by hitting. The force of the blast knocked us down. It knocked down everyone in the room.
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knock something down

1. Sl. to drink a portion of liquor. Here, knock this down and let's go. He knocked down a bottle of beer and called for another.
2. Sl. to earn a certain amount of money. I'm lucky to knock down twenty thousand. She must knock down about twenty thou a year.
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knock down

1. Take apart for storage or shipping, as in We need to knock down this chest to ship it safely overseas. [Mid-1900s]
2. Declare sold at an auction, as by striking a blow with a gavel. For example, That was the last bid, and the first edition was knocked down for only three hundred. [Mid-1700s]
3. Reduce the price of, as in They knocked it down by another hundred dollars, or An overabundant harvest will knock down corn prices. [Colloquial; mid-1800].
4. Earn as wages, as in She knocks down a hundred grand a year. [Slang; 1920s]
5. Steal, embezzle, as in He was caught knocking down the box-office receipts. This usage may be obsolescent. [Slang; mid-1800s] Also see knock over, def. 2.
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knock down

1. To bring something or someone to the ground with a blow; topple something or someone: The strong wind knocked down the power lines. The car went through the stop sign and almost knocked me down. We knocked down part of the wall and put in a door.
2. To cause something or someone to fall off or along something: The raccoons climbed on our roof and knocked some loose bricks down the chimney. I knocked the croquet balls down the lawn.
3. To disassemble something into parts, as for storage or shipping: I knocked down the tables and put them back in the closet. The vendors knock their stalls down at the end of the day.
4. To declare that a lot has been sold at an auction, as by striking a blow with a gavel: When the highest bid is called three times without an answer, the auctioneer knocks the lot down and the bidding is over. The auctioneer knocked down the lot to the highest bidder.
5. To reduce the price of something by some amount: The store has knocked all software down from $25 to just $15. We'll knock down your next purchase an additional 10 percent.
6. To reduce the level or value of something: I went to the thermostat and knocked the temperature down a few degrees. The company has knocked down the price of all their old products. For you, we'll knock the price down to $30.
7. To persuade someone to reduce an asking price: The owners wanted $100 for the furniture, but I knocked them down to $80. A good bargainer can knock down even the most resistant sellers.
8. Slang To receive some amount or rate as wages; earn something: Some bartenders knock down $200 an hour in tips alone.
9. Slang To intoxicate someone: Whatever was in that drink really knocked me down last night. A glass of this liquor will knock down even the biggest drinkers.
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Rugby Borough Council's planning committee turned down the scheme, put forward by developers PNP Enterprises, to knock down the Regency Club in Albert Street.
Ms Dean then faxed back to say the builders could knock down the walls, said Mr Dunford.
Burning in stacked bales of paper and cardboard, the blaze took 65 firefighters more than two hours to knock down.
BULLDOZERS began to knock down one of Liverpool's oldest school buildings yesterday after it had been damaged by fire.
DEMOLITION teams look set to knock down one of Nuneaton's oldest clubs.
If I'm open, I think the guys trust me enough to knock down shots.
It took three fire extinguishers and a water hose to knock down the flames so we could get him out of there,'' said rescuer Jerry Silvera, who had been working late in his shop nearby.
Later Saturday, it took 150 Los Angeles city firefighters about an hour to knock down a blaze that broke out at a medical clinic in a Winnetka strip mall.
FRESNO - The buzzer had sounded, and USC's failure to knock down 3-pointers had ended its Preseason NIT run.
At this level, any good puncher can knock down any fighter if he lands the right punch.