knock against

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knock against someone or something

to bump against someone or something. Mickey knocked against Mary and said he was sorry. I didn't mean to knock against your sore knee.
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knock something against something

to strike something against something. He knocked a chair against the table and tipped both pieces of furniture over. A chair was knocked against the table, upsetting a vase.
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knock (up) against someone or something

to bump against someone or something. The loose shutter knocked up against the side of the house. The large branch knocked against the garage in the storm.
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Sunderland defender O'Shea limped off with a hamstring injury during the Black Cats draw with Aston Villa on Saturday - before O'Dea picked up a knock against Cardiff yesterday.
Striker Anthony Woodhouse took a knock against Aldershot but he is expected to be fit.
Sion Meredith should be fit despite taking a knock against Carmarthen last week, but Glyndwr Hughes is still out with a fractured wrist.
Jacques Kallis has been South Africa's player of the competition so far with back-to-back tons and a third match-winning knock against England at Old Trafford on Thursday, but Gibbs is quality and well worth a punt at the odds.
The South African prop, who joins Munster at the end of the season, picked up a medial ligament knock against Leinster last weekend.
The only knock against Izturis is that he doesn't walk much, but as hitting coach Tim Wallach recently said: ``He walks enough for me.
Another knock against Drew has been that he is a nice complementary player, but isn't comfortable being an offensive centerpiece.
Butcher confirmed winger Jonny Hayes was fit despite also taking a knock against Celtic.
Full-back Rob Kearney is ruled out with a back problem while Ulster hooker Rory Best picked up a knock against Newport on Friday.
He had a knock against Llanelli in the Heineken Cup, then took some heavy hits during the Scotland game last Saturday.
Most of the outlets are in the Midlands and the recession in manufacturing had been another knock against sales.
CRYSTAL PALACE, who are also trying to finish in the higher play-off positions, may have centre-back Fitz Hall available after an ankle knock against Burnley at Turf Moor.
A CHILDMINDER shook a baby in her care so vigorously it caused her brain to knock against the sides of her skull "like a jelly" a jury at Coventry Crown court heard.
Its megalomania, or craving to take over the yard, is a knock against it, but during its first two years of growth, you will be impressed with its ample flower clusters that last and last.
Sole picked up the knock against England two weeks ago.