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have (one's) knife into (someone)

To make someone's life more difficult, usually due to dislike. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Why do you have your knife into me? What did I ever do to you?
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the knives are out

The opponents of someone or something are now seeking every opportunity to criticize, call for the termination of, or impede someone or something. The knives are out for the senator after his recent remarks, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was forced to resign. Watch yourself. Now that people are allowed to comment anonymously, the knives are out.
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the knives are out

mainly BRITISH
COMMON If the knives are out for someone, people are criticizing and trying to cause problems for that person. The knives are out for me at the moment. Now that she's married to one of the world's most famous men, the knives are out. Note: You can also say that someone has their knives out if they are eager to criticize someone or cause problems for them. Arendt and Huber had their knives out, and they were being encouraged to stick them in me.
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the knives are out (for someone)

there is open hostility (towards someone). informal
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night of the long knives

a treacherous betrayal or ruthless action.
Night of the long knives is especially associated with the massacre of the Brownshirts on Hitler's orders in 1934 . Traditionally, the phrase referred to the legendary massacre of the Britons by Hengist in 472 , described by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia Regum Britanniae. In Britain it has been particularly used of the occasion in 1962 on which Harold Macmillan dismissed a third of his cabinet at the same time, of which the Liberal politician Jeremy Thorpe remarked ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his friends for his life’.
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the knives are ˈout (for somebody)

the situation has become so bad that people are preparing to make one person take the blame, for example by taking away their job: The knives are out for the minister. People are calling for his resignation.
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I think that this knife is going to revolutionize the way we use knives in the kitchen.
WHAT WAS BINNED & WHERE Birmingham New Testament Church of God, Spring Hill - 18 knives and an air pistol New Testament Church of God, Lozells - 35 knives, including a 2-foot bladed machete Tesco Aston - 25 knives, including 7 machetes New Testament Church of God, Erdington - 105 knives, including 7 flick knives and knuckledusters Aldi, Sparkhill - 44 knives and a starter pistol Tesco, Fiveways Broad Street - 58 assorted knives Handsworth (newly positioned knife bin) - 3 knives Wolverhampton Dunstall Baptist Church, Whitmore Reans - 104 assorted knives New Testament Church of God, Heath Town - 14 knives
Rounding out the Spur Neck Knives package is a Kydex sheath that locks the knife securely in place.
Fisk declined to release sales figures for his business, Fisk Knives Inc.
He accepts he should not have been carrying these knives and he has learned his lesson," he said.
Both sporting and tactical knives have been downsizing over the past 10 years, but for different reasons.
A spokesman said that so far about 140 knives have been handed in to police stations across the South Wales Police area - but the figures were expected to be updated today.
David Evans, Assistant Chief Constable for Local Policing, said: "The force recognises that one crime involving a knife is one too many and is currently working to proactively identify suspects who are believed to be illegally carrying knives.
NCR and CLS units feature staggered rotors with disposable cassette knives that eliminate resharpening and resetting.
Knives have been a fierce topic of debate after a series of brutal stabbings in the region, including the deaths charity health worker Ashleigh Ewing in Heaton, Newcastle, and Carie Burns, who was killed with a samurai sword in Consett, County Durham.
The market stall at Splott Market in Cardiff is selling Samurai swords, knives, daggers and air pistols.
Northern Ireland is currently under a three-week national knife amnesty in which police have urged people to bin their knives.
The frame, which offers a clear view of the knives, can be hung on the wall or used on the kitchen countertop.
Police are putting pressure on people who carry knives and they are trying to make it harder for people to get hold of them.
Children as young as 11 are to be targeted by a West Midlands Police campaign designed to get knives off the region's streets.