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knit (one's) eyebrows

To furrow one's brow, often due to worry or confusion. When I asked Bill about what happened, and he knit his eyebrows, I knew I was about to hear some bad news.
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stick to (one's) knitting

1. To mind one's own business. Oh, stick to your knitting—I don't need to hear your opinion of every little thing I do.
2. To do only what one knows or is familiar with. You can't just stick to your knitting—you have to try new things too.
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knit (one's) brow(s)

To furrow one's brow, often due to worry or confusion. Whenever there was a problem, my dad would sit in his favorite chair, knit his brow for a while, and then announce that he had a plan. When I asked Bill about what happened, and he knit his brows, I knew I was about to hear some bad news.
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stick to your knitting

If someone, especially a company or organization, sticks to their knitting, they continue to do something that they are experienced at and do not try to do something different about which they know very little. It failed because we did not understand the plumbing business, and it taught us a lesson about sticking to our knitting! Northern Rock is sticking to its knitting — mortgages and savings.
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stick to the (or your) knitting

(of an organization) concentrate on a known core area of business activity rather than diversify into other areas in which it has no experience. informal
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stick to (one's) knitting

To mind one's own business.
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But the Sheep only laughed scornfully, and went on with her knitting.
1 -- 3 -- color) Edith Eig, "Hollywood's knitting guru," hugs one of her longtime clients, actress Anel Lopez Gorham, at La Knitterie Parisienne.
Huddersfield Knit and Crochet Guild members started by showing off their egg cosies, created using a technique called stranded knitting.
With its distinguished author Fundamentals and advances in knitting technology is an important reference source for designers, engineers and technicians involved in the manufacture and use of knitted textiles and garments.
The boys have been knitting and concentrating on their knitting skills - we've been knitting at lunch time," she said.
Top 61 knitters in Pakistan have been using 'A' Class circular knitting machines for their quality products of all kinds of knitted fabrics specially single jersey, jacquard design and other pattern of fabrics.
knitting firms that can be sources for usable fabric, either selling the cloth to sheet mills or making the finished sheets themselves, as Fab is doing on a high quality line.
While the societal costs of knitting addiction might be low, substitute "technology" for "knitting" and much of the hysteria about kids and computers begins to look pretty silly.
Knitting is making a comeback among the younger generation on campus and around the nation.
Helen Kim, owner of the sleek, airy Urban Knitting Studio in San Francisco's Hayes Valley, says that knitting is all about the pleasures of making gifts and working with materials chosen to suit a personal style.
Youngsters Cara Greenway and Malachi Neat get in on the act as Jeanne Kelly wields a pair of oversized knitting needles and others show off their D30067_5 Pictures: Mark Radford; NATTY KNITTERS.
Something must be made, after all, of the hand knitting in Menopause and two other related large-scale works.
There are plenty of children's knitting books on the market already: books that tell how to knit clothing for kids--what makes this one so special is its focus on fun kids' fashions made with novelty yarns.
When students finish their first hat, they often feel bereft without their knitting to fidget with.
In recent years, mathematicians such as Osinga have started knitting and crocheting concrete physical models of hard-to-visualize mathematical objects.