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knit (one's) eyebrows

To furrow one's brow, often due to worry or confusion. When I asked Bill about what happened, and he knit his eyebrows, I knew I was about to hear some bad news.
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knit one's brow

to cause one's brow to wrinkle. Bob knitted his brow when he was confused. Jane knitted her brow because she was angry.
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knit something together

to join things together by knitting. Terry knitted the parts of the sweater together. Sally knitted together the two parts of the glove.
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knit together

[for broken bones] to join or grow together. The bones are knitting together exactly as expected. If the bones don't knit together properly, we will have to do something a little more drastic.
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knit together

1. To join some pieces of material by knitting: It's easier to knit each part of the sweater separately and then knit them together. After adding the fringe, knit together the two sections of the blanket.
2. To become fused together. Used of broken bones that are healing: If the doctor sets the two pieces of bone just right, they should knit together in three weeks.
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knit up

To create something by knitting, especially quickly or easily: I knitted up some mittens for my grandchildren. I knitted some hats up for the church sale.
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She said: "I've knitted over at least 200 dogs since I began.
It comes complete with knitted decorations, knitted tinsel and even knitted Christmas tree lights with a plug.
Women on the Home Front knitted their way through the Second World War and while the pastime saw a decline in the late 1940s and 1950s as new technology and efficiency became the order of the day, it again staged a comeback in the 1960s as many young people rebelled against commercialism in favour of handmade fashion statements.
I've always been inspired by knitting techniques, and you can experiment so well with colour and pattern in wool," says designer Melanie Porter, whose knitted collection includes chairs, tables, lampshades and cushions, starting from pounds 75.
I've always been inspired by knitting techniques and you can experiment so well with colour and pattern in wool," says designer Melanie Porter, whose knitted collection includes chairs, tables, lampshades and cushions, starting from pounds 75.
Her hand-knitted socks became known as power socks because a person wearing them can feel the love of the person who knitted them.
Other mathematicians have knitted or crocheted fractal objects, surfaces that have no inside or outside, and shapes whose patterns display mathematical theorems.
In "Arctic Lace: Knitted Projects And Stories Inspired By Alaska's Native Knitters", Donna has created a 192-page, single-volume workshop on knitting and designing lace with an Inuit flair.
I help them launch one of three projects: a teddy bear sweater; a hat for the homeless; or a knitted patch for a blanket for the same shelter.
The foundational wool pictures, after all, depend on the hair of lowly ungulates, but this animal substance must be spun by machines into strands, further twined into yarn, and fed into other machines with a low tolerance for variation, before Trockel's programs can drive the fiber into discernable knitted patterns.
Skillfully using color in one's knitted creations is the primary focus, yet The Knitting Experience Book 3 offers plenty of step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and explanations to be readily accessible to the beginning knitter.
She learned to knit for the same practical reason: As a Los Angeles schoolgirl during World War II, she and her classmates knitted little squares to be sewed together into afghans.
I believe knitted sheets can exceed that total if enough merchandise becomes available in consistent quality that performs with satisfaction.
In overall exports textile all sorts average share has been recorded at 40 per cent which includes knit-wear of men, women, boys and girls, knitted fabrics and articles of apparel and accessories etc.