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knight in shining armor

A selfless, chivalrous man who helps a woman in distress. When the police officer pulled over to help the old woman change her flat tire, she hugged him and said he was her knight in shining armor.
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white knight

1. One who saves another person from harm or a difficult situation. I don't remember much from the accident, but I am forever grateful to the white knight who freed me from my car. When Sally came to help with the kids when I was in the hospital, she really was our white night.
2. A person or company that purchases, or gives money to, another company that is in financial distress or about to be acquired by a third party. We all thought we were going to lose our jobs, but then a white knight purchased the company and saved it from bankruptcy.
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1. The act of staying up all night to complete an activity, usually some kind of academic project. I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter if I'm going to get this term paper done in time for school tomorrow.
2. An establishment that remains open all night. Kyle and Amanda stopped at an all-nighter for a snack after the concert.
3. One who stays awake all night. Jess is a total all-nighter, so that third-shift job is perfect for her.

knight in shining armor

A rescuer or defender, as in What this political party needs is a knight in shining armor to change its tarnished image . This metaphoric expression alludes to a medieval knight. [Mid-1900s]
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a knight in shining armour

If you describe a man as a knight in shining armour, you mean that he has rescued you from a difficult situation, often in a kind and brave way. Note: `Armour' is spelled `armor' in American English. I just felt dizzy and then I collapsed. The next thing I woke up in hospital. I am very, very grateful to Tom and I always will be — he really was my knight in shining armour. She found a surprising knight in shining armor in her company's attorney, who rode in to save her job, rescue her love life and give her a place to live. Note: In stories written or set in the Middle Ages, a knight in shining armour traditionally came to the rescue of a `damsel (= young woman) in distress'.
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a knight in shining armour

an idealized or heroic person, especially a man who comes to the rescue of a woman in distress or in a difficult situation.
This expression, a variant of which is a knight on a white charger , is often used ironically of someone who presents himself in this guise but is in fact inadequate to the role. Compare with a white knight (at white).
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knight of the road

a man who frequents the roads, for example a travelling sales representative, lorry or taxi driver, or tramp.
Originally, in the mid 17th century, this phrase was ironically applied to a highwayman.
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a white knight

a company that makes a welcome bid for a company facing an unwelcome takeover bid.
The image here is of the traditional figure from chivalric romances, who rides to the rescue of someone in danger. See also a knight in shining armour (at knight).
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a knight in shining ˈarmour

(British English) (American English a knight in shining ˈarmor) (usually humorous) a man who arrives to help you when you are in trouble or danger: My car broke down at the roundabout. Luckily, a knight in shining armour stopped to help me.
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1. n. something that lasts all night, like a party or study session. After an all-nighter studying, I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the test.
2. n. a place of business that is open all night. We stopped at an all-nighter for a cup of coffee.
3. n. a person who often stays up all night. I’m no all-nighter. I need my beauty sleep, for sure.

knight in shining armor

A wonderful guy. Fairy tales chronicled fair maidens in distress who were rescued at the last minute from dragons and ogres by a gallant knight in gleaming armor, where-upon they all lived happily ever after. Even if a young woman didn't view herself as a princess or consider herself in desperate straits, she still imagined herself being carried off by the man of her dreams, Prince Charming, a knight in shining armor.
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