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Which is why he won't be listening Which is why he won't be listening to the knee-jerk reactions of some fans.
FANS' leaders claim erecting netting to prevent missiles being thrown at players would be a knee-jerk reaction.
But you shouldn't make decisions which are knee-jerk or based on emotion.
BUSINESS leaders in Coventry and Warwickshire have warned against a knee-jerk response to the latest GDP figures.
No knee-jerk reactions: Warwickshire director of cricket Ashley Giles is optimistic his batsmen will start firing again.
ED BALLS: "Not a knee-jerk response to media pressure.
To get the sack on the back of that seemed a bit knee-jerk to me.
The Dangerous Dogs Act was a knee-jerk response to the public demand that something should be done.
Of course, this is not universal, but generally a knee-jerk reaction is not a good one," said Greg Davies, head of behavioural finance at Barclays Wealth.
FACED with a rider falling in each of the two runnings of the John Smith's People's Race, the Aintree management yesterday ruled out "a knee-jerk reaction" to the charity event, writes Graham Green.
The heavy-handed knee-jerk approach "Commenting on the chancellor's launch today of proposals to reform banking regulations, Richard Lambert, CBI director-general, said: 'Financial stability and the protection of depositors are essential components of a healthy economy.
Although the sustained efforts of a handful of talented artists have done much in recent years to overcome the public's knee-jerk equation of words and pictures with superheroes, the connection remains strong and has deep historical roots.
like a demented Barbie doll every five minutes, the events of that fateful day continue to resist either easy verbal encapsulation or knee-jerk cinematic pigeonholing.
What kind of knee-jerk roller-derby move does Raja ``T-Bird'' Bell have planned for Kobe in the grand octagon finale in touchy, feely Phoenix?
In many issues involving animals, from so-called "invasive species" misplaced by human error, to animal "pests" whose nuisance factor is only relative to the ever-encroaching human footprint, our knee-jerk prescription is almost always death.