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fatten the kitty

In betting, to put more money into the pool (which is known as a "kitty"). Come on, guys, put in your money so we can fatten the kitty and get on with this hand!
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feed the kitty

Fig. to contribute money. (A kitty here is a small collection of money.) Please feed the kitty. Make a contribution to help sick children. Come on, Bill. Feed the kitty. You can afford a dollar for a good cause.
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  (American) also kitty-cornered (American)
in a direction from one corner of a square to the opposite, far corner (often + to ) You know the building - it's kitty-corner to my office.

feed the kitty

Contribute money to a pool or reserve, as in I can't make a big donation this year, but I'm willing to feed the kitty something. This term, originating in gambling, incorporates a pun, since kitty can mean "cat" as well as "pool." [Late 1800s]
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sweeten the kitty

Also, sweeten the pot or deal . Make something financially more attractive, as in I am unable to give you the new title but I could sweeten the kitty a little by giving you a raise . This idiom comes from card games such as poker, where it means "add money to the pool," and uses sweeten in the sense of "make more agreeable." [Slang; c. 1900]
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