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Men were about 15 times more likely to initiate kissing than women, and both partners showed a bias for turning their heads to the right.
30am, spotted the suspects hugging and kissing each other in the man's car that was double-parked.
Researchers have discovered that there is a specific scent we pick up when we are kissing which is believed to be related to a person's DNA and women are most attracted to the scent of a man who has a genetic code most different from themselves.
This technique is more difficult to apply when kissing pretty girls.
For most of early human history, smell was more important than any other sense for human relationships, said Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of "The Science of Kissing.
However, that doesn't mean kissing is the same for everyone.
Saif had his eyes opened during most part of the kissing sequence, and though it is against the unwritten rules of passion kissing, says Gangwani, " It shows that the man is doubly turned on because his visual sense is also getting stimulated.
The key to keeping a girl coming back again and again is not ever to let kissing get boring or routine.
Cayden: Pointing to the penguins inside the front cover: "They are kissing each other because they love each other.
Ted is in love with a girl who comes into his pet shop and has imagined kissing her for years, but they have never exchanged more than a few words, in Wednesday's The Kiss That Never Happened.
When participants were asked if they would have sex with someone without kissing first, more than half of the males responded positively, but only one in seven females would consider having sex without kissing first.
Oliver Cromwell's ban on Sunday kissing in the 17th century meant prison for those who broke the law and sneaked a Sunday smooch - even married couples.
It's National Kissing Week - and apart from being a lot of fun, it turns out that kissing has serious health benefits, celebrity endorsement and even a science devoted to it.
Kissing Christians: Ritual and Community in the Late Ancient Church.