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kiss ass

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kiss someone's ass
Sl. to fawn over someone; to flatter and curry favor with someone. (Potentially offensive. Use ass with discretion.) What does he expect me to do? Kiss his ass? I won't kiss your ass for anything.
See also: ass, kiss

kiss (somebody's) ass  (American very informal)
to try too hard to please someone and to agree with everything they say, in a way which other people find unpleasant If you want promotion around here, you're going to have to kiss ass. (American taboo!)
See also: ass, kiss

kiss (somebody's) ass (rude)
to praise someone more than is reasonable I usually have to kiss ass just to get these musicians to show up.
Usage notes: usually said about praise intended to make someone like you or do something you want
See also: ass, kiss

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And they brown-nose, and kiss ass, and brown-noseC*" Yiangos is in rant mode now: "I think, as a race, they're cowards.
But I am seen as a problem because I don't lay down and kiss ass, and I don't look up to anyone.

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