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iron out the kinks

To work on fixing any small problems that are present in a project. The main development is finished, we just need to iron out the kinks before we release the product.
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get the kinks (ironed) out

Fig. to fix a problem associated with something. The actors had to get the kinks out before they were ready to present the play to an audience. That'll be a right nice car, when you get the kinks ironed out in the engine.
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kink up

[for something] to develop kinks or tangles. The leather parts tend to shrink and kink up in the damp weather. My hair kinks up in this weather.
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1. n. a strange person; a kinky person. The guy’s a kink. Watch out for him.
2. n. a sexually deviant person. The kinks congregate two streets over.
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In order to check the reversibility of kink band formation, HT-PBZT fiber was recompressed after first compressing up to 0.
We are very happy that Kink Bike's has chosen to host their podcast with libsyn," said Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations with Wizzard Media.
No surprise then that the Scot was thankful to Kink for his timely contribution.
Kink is still Kink is still frustrated by the frustrated by the memory of what memory of what might have been might have been in England.
Strachan dropped Kink, Nicky Bailey and Kris Boyd from the Middlesbrough line-up that was humbled 3-0 at QPR.
Kink, a second-half substitute produced an extraordinary pair of finishes - both from over 25 yards with his left foot.
The tube flexibility is also determined in the electromechanical Instron load flame prior to conducting the kink resistance test.
While we were able to identify the kink immediately, it is possible that kinking could be missed, especially if longer tubes are used or if the site of a kink is concealed.
Yeah, but I already lipslid a quintuple kink the other day.
There are the familiar Kink elements of power chords, jangly guitars and horns on the arrangements, but it's Davies' warm and distinct voice we welcome back most.
SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 HE was all left foot but that didn't mean Tarmo Kink was limited to playing on the left flank.
Cue Kink klassics such as Waterloo Sunset, You Really Got Me and Lola, alongside lesser-known nuggets like the brutal Phobia.
Middlesbrough midfielder Tarmo Kink and Amkar Perm midfielder Konstantin Vassiljev have scored seven goals between them in Estonia's qualifying campaign.
Tarmo Kink came off the bench to drive in his third goal of the season - all three as a substitute - before a Patrick McCarthy own goal gave Boro a first win since September.
Substitute Tarmo Kink scored a stunning free-kick three minutes into stoppage time to secure a 2-1 victory for Boro.