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When Sarah King began walking out in the eve- ning with Joe Welling, people shook their heads in alarm.
When the young reporter went to his room after the evening meal he saw Tom King and his father sitting in the half darkness in Joe's room.
For I will tell the king that you came to me, the two of you, and whispered plots into my ear--plots to save the child and kill the king.
And then--you'll see--I'll soon find a way to make the King let us all out of prison.
You MUST remember,' remarked the King, `or I'll have you executed.
The king, seeing him, called him, made him sit by his side, and showed him every mark of honour.
The next day the King came to visit his children, but he found no one but the girl.
The King heard him through with attention and quoth he:
D'Artagnan, sire; he is the son of one of my oldest friends--the son of a man who served under the king your father, of glorious memory, in the civil war.
The king looked at his old friend with tears in his eyes; undid the Order of the Saint Esprit which he wore, to honor the two Frenchmen who were with him, and passed it around Winter's neck, who received on his knees this striking proof of his sovereign's confidence and friendship.
It was with the eyes of the king as with the immense depths of the azure heavens, or with those more terrific, and almost as sublime, which the Mediterranean reveals under the keels of its ships in a clear summer day, a gigantic mirror in which heaven delights to reflect sometimes its stars, sometimes its storms.
There was, however, a servant of the king's who favoured the huntsmen, and when he heard that they were going to be put to this test he went to them and repeated everything, and said: 'The lion wants to make the king believe that you are girls.
Somewhat calmer, D'Artagnan made every preparation for the journey, and took the greatest care that the military household of the king, as yet very inconsiderable in numbers, should be well officered and well disciplined in its meager and limited proportions.
NOT MORE than two months had passed and gone since these stirring adventures befell Robin Hood and Little John, when all Nottinghamshire was a mighty stir and tumult, for King Richard of the Lion's Heart was making a royal progress through merry England, and everyone expected him to come to Nottingham Town in his journeying.
The Nome King was in an angry mood, and at such times he was very disagreeable.