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the keys to the kingdom

A resource that will give the possessor access to the most complete or profound knowledge or power possible in a given area or pursuit. A reference to Matthew 16:19, when Jesus said to Peter: "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." Whatever you do, don't lose this external hard drive with all of our accounts and passwords. Anyone who has it will have the keys to the kingdom! Whichever candidate reaches the most citizens at a fundamental, grassroots level will have the keys to the kingdom securely in hand.
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until kingdom come

For a very long, indefinite amount of time; forever. Although we don't have to pay for medical care in this country, you'll sometimes be waiting until kingdom come to receive elective treatment. My wife and her sister will talk on the phone until kingdom come if nothing interrupts them!
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kingdom come

1. The end of time. Although you don't have to pay for medical care in this country, you'll sometimes be waiting until kingdom come to receive elective treatment. My wife and her sister will talk on the phone until kingdom come if nothing interrupts them!
2. Heaven; the afterlife. Often used humorously, the phrase is taken from the Lord's Prayer. You all need to be very careful not to blow us to kingdom come while doing this experiment in the lab.
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my kingdom for a horse

I would give all that I have for the thing that I currently lack. The phrase comes from Shakespeare's Richard III, when the title character bemoans his lack of a horse in the midst of a losing battle. I'm so thirsty—ugh, my kingdom for a horse! Or, better yet, for a drink of water!
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blow someone or something to kingdom come

Fig. to destroy someone or something by means of an explosion. You'd better get that gas leak fixed or it will blow you and your car to kingdom come.
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till kingdom come

Fig. until the end of the world; forever. Do I have to keep assembling these units till kingdom come? I'll hate her guts till kingdom come.
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blast/blow somebody/something to kingdom come

to kill someone or destroy something by using a gun or bomb Fifteen soldiers were blown to kingdom come in the attack. Police discovered a bomb which was large enough to blast the whole town to kingdom come.
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till/until kingdom come

for a very long time
Usage notes: 'Until Kingdom come' is a phrase from a prayer in the Bible and means 'until the world ends'.
I don't want to wait until kingdom come for you to decide what you're doing.
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till kingdom come

mod. until the end of the world; forever. I’ll hate her guts till kingdom come.
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References in classic literature ?
But the prince gave the king of the land the bread, and all his kingdom ate of it.
When they came to the sea, they got into a ship and during their voyage the two eldest said to themselves, 'Our brother has got the water which we could not find, therefore our father will forsake us and give him the kingdom, which is our right'; so they were full of envy and revenge, and agreed together how they could ruin him.
At this the king was overwhelmed with joy, and made it known thoughout all his kingdom, that if his son would come back to his court he would forgive him.
The time soon came, when the eldest brother thought that he would make haste to go to the princess, and say that he was the one who had set her free, and that he should have her for his wife, and the kingdom with her.
So he journeyed on, thinking of her all the way, and rode so quickly that he did not even see what the road was made of, but went with his horse straight over it; and as he came to the gate it flew open, and the princess welcomed him with joy, and said he was her deliverer, and should now be her husband and lord of the kingdom.
And now the old king gathered together his court, and asked all his kingdom to come and celebrate the wedding of his son and the princess.
Then" said Ozma, "we will arrange to start for the Kingdom of the Nomes at daybreak tomorrow.
In this way there naturally came into existence a group of separate and rival kingdoms, which when they were not busy with the Britons were often at war with each other.
Just as in the Jewish prophets the reign of Messiah, or "the day of the Lord," or the suffering Servant or people of God, or the "Sun of righteousness with healing in his wings" only convey, to us at least, their great spiritual ideals, so through the Greek State Plato reveals to us his own thoughts about divine perfection, which is the idea of good--like the sun in the visible world;--about human perfection, which is justice-- about education beginning in youth and continuing in later years-- about poets and sophists and tyrants who are the false teachers and evil rulers of mankind--about "the world" which is the embodiment of them--about a kingdom which exists nowhere upon earth but is laid up in heaven to be the pattern and rule of human life.
Their chiefs we had made kings; their tribal lands kingdoms.
We had marked out as best we could natural bounda-ries dividing the various kingdoms.
Battle-ships of the first-class should bear the names of kingdoms of the federation; armored cruisers the names of kings; cruisers the names of cities, and so on down the line.
The microbe belongs to an ancient kingdom of organisms known as the archaea.
I have developed a methodology, based on macroeconomic and trade models, to estimate the market for vulcanized rubber for those countries serving the United Kingdom via exports, or supplying from the United Kingdom via imports.
Summary GlobalData's new report, "United Kingdom Laparoscopes Market Outlook to 2020", provides key market data on the United Kingdom Laparoscopes market.