king's ransom

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king's ransom

A very large sum of money. I've always wanted to vacation in Hawaii, but the plane tickets cost a king's ransom.
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*king's ransom

Fig. a great deal of money. (To pay an amount as large as one might have to pay to get back a king held for ransom. *Typically: cost ~; pay ~; spend~.) I would like to buy a nice watch, but I don't want to pay a king's ransom for it. It's a lovely house. I bet it cost a king's ransom.
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king's ransom

A huge sum of money, as in That handmade rug must have cost a king's ransom. This metaphoric expression originally referred to the sum required to release a king from captivity. [Late 1400s]
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a king's ransom

mainly BRITISH
A king's ransom is an extremely large sum of money. She was paid a king's ransom for a five-minute appearance in the film. With so few skilled electricians available, these people can charge a king's ransom for their services.
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She said: "I am absolutely loving the King's Ransom.
While we have no royal family we have a small army of hereditary hangers-on who cost us a king's ransom.
So check out a bundle of top quality baby buys we've selected which won't cost you a king's ransom.
IT MAY be treachery to say so, but if you take the family away to France or Italy during next year's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June you can save a king's ransom and pay less than pounds 260 for these posh camping breaks available from European holiday specialist I Spy Camping (www.
When you've been on job seekers allowance, you can rest assured that even the minimum wage is viewed as the king's ransom.
After 10 years, not to mention, a king's ransom spent on court officials, still, the British public is none the wiser, and despite the all the speculation by the media, the accusing fingers, claims and counter-claims by those seeking justice for loved ones lost, unanswered questions remain to haunt us all.
She had just been awarded what most of us would regard as a king's ransom.
For those looking on aghast from the sidelines, the award of more than pounds 24m to Heather Mills from her estranged husband, Sir Paul McCartney, is a king's ransom beyond imagining.
Steve Gollings does a fine job with a limited bunch of thoroughbreds and can strike again with King's Ransom.
9am A so-called friend phones to say my ticket's been sold for a king's ransom and that the telly coverage should prove a suitable substitute.
The treble, starting with Recalcitrant, followed by his 100 on selling winner King's Ransom before Sir Mark Prescott teed him up with another handicap snip Caravel, also took him past 50 winners at the track in the last five seasons.
His ride King's Ransom (11-4 joint-favourite) had to be switched towards the centre of the track to make his run but settled the event in a matter of strides, racing six lengths clear.
If anyone else has any items linked to royalty, they could end up making a king's ransom.
While I love Steve Bruce as a man, I'm afraid he sadly lacks judgement having sold three excellent players for a pittance - Andy Johnson, Geoff Horsfield and Darren Carter whom the Bluenoses all loved - and then spent a king's ransom on the above three forwards who at best are of dubious quality, as has been proved in the last 11 games.
What is it about Tut that makes hard-core museum-goers and the arts-indifferent alike shell out a mini king's ransom to see his stash?