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I work at Hollyfast Primary School and would like to say that the children there are the most well mannered, kindest and nicest people ever, so are the young people at Coundon Court.
Those are easily the kindest words spoken about Choi by a Dodgers pitcher this year.
Axing Danniella Westbrook could be the kindest thing that bosses at EastEnders could have done for the troubled star.
About Cadmus himself, however, all agree: This enormously talented artist was also the kindest, gentlest, most self-deprecating of men.
Dylan received a medal for his achievements from David Cameron after being shortlisted on the Britain's Kindest Kid competition, run by Five News and the Charities Aid Foundation.
05 Newmarket 1m2f handicap RUK/C4 Card page 30 Key stat Chris Wall has a 20 per cent strike-rate at the track in the last five seasons and is represented by Kindest What they say James Eustace, trainer of Geneva Geyser "He's in good form and has been freshened up from his last run.
All these people were the kindest ones you could meet.
Lanny is as smitten with Einstein as Sinclair had been, describing him as ``the kindest, gentlest, sweetest of men,'' and as an ``elderly Jewish cherub .
It was thought the kindest way to deal with the situation,' explained a Coastguard spokesman.
Fortunately, in the kindest possible way, the aforementioned ladies gave me a shaking by showing me that their valiant efforts were most worthy of support.
St Mark 15, 39 NOT just the sweetest, kindest soul who ever lived, not just the wisest teacher who ever taught - but the Son of God.
The Labour leader said at Salford Cathedral: "Paul was a family man of faith and one of the kindest, most decent people I had the privilege of meeting.
I really think the kindest thing to do would be put him out of his misery and pension him off.
She is one of the kindest persons you would wish to meet.
We regret that our daughter couldn't continue to share her life with such a kind group of people, the kindest in the world.