sort of

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sort of something

 and kind of something
almost something; somewhat; somehow. Isn't it sort of cold out? That was kind of a stupid thing to do, wasn't it?
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sort of

 and kind of
Yes, but only to a small degree. Bob: Do you like what you're doing in school? Alice: Kind of. Henry: What do you think about all these new laws? Do they worry you? John: Sort of.
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ˈkind of/ˈsort of

(informal) used with adjectives, adverbs and verbs when something is difficult to describe or when the word you use is not exactly what you mean: She kind of smiled at me.My new dress is sort of green.He said it sort of nervously.
These phrases are sometimes written or spoken as kinda or sorta.
See also: kind, of, sort

sort of

Somewhat; rather: "Gambling and prostitution ... have been prohibited, but only sort of" (George F. Will).
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I think it's really kind of almost cruel to raise passing standards at such a time," said Theresa Trevino, president of Texans Advocating for Meaningful Assessment, a statewide grassroots organization that has successfully pushed for standardized testing reforms.
The problem is this kind of almost passive interaction is a form of flirting.
It was this kind of almost back street supplying that was blamed for an outbreak of meningitis that killed 60 people in Massachusetts last year.
That film kind of almost saved my life,'' says Winslet.
In doing so, you're kind of almost preparing for the latter stages of the World Cup, which is where we've met them a fair bit recently.
In doing so you're kind of almost preparing for the latter stages of the World Cup, which is where we've met them a fair bit recently.
When you know you are kind of almost guaranteed to get through to the semi-finals it's really hard to get up and get motivated.
At least not in the way we think of them, as a kind of almost homogenous and therefore identifiable character.
AoLike AaeManos al Aire,AAE in the verse IAAEm kind of almost angry.
But amongst the things that interested me at that particular moment in time--and it's kind of appropriate this week with the particle accelerator in Cern doing its rounds again--that 20-odd years ago when I had a show with the Lisson Gallery, I was on my way to New York and I was reading an article about the then investigations into particle physics in which they talked about their quest for this kind of almost unimaginable existence of half-life of the building blocks of the universe; and they came up with these things called'quarks' and'charm', and I felt that this was quite like my quest at that time.
He kind of almost considers himself as the next Gordon Ramsay and is rubbing Mike's nose in it a bit.
We were a real raw, fucking kind of almost punk rock band, but not, because of Axl's high vocals.
Although it is Magnier's prerogative entirely to keep it buttoned, one result of this - either by design or chance - is that when he does say something, it has the tendency to assume some kind of almost scriptural significance.