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Many current federal labeling regulations are based upon this past thinking, preventing foods that contain beneficial whole ingredients and are recommended for consumption --AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA like nuts, avocados, oli and salmon --AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA from bearing the word 'healthy' in their labeli Kind said in its petition.
KIND chief executive and founder Stephen Yip, said: "For most people, Christmas is a time filled with joyous memories but unfortunately for an increasing number of families, it is has become filled with fear and dread about how they will provide for their children.
What a great opportunity for Syntax to work with the team from KIND with the mission of assisting the company and their visible brand realizing the efficiencies of utilizing a Tier-1 ERP, Added Ryan Etinson, Syntax VP.
This record growth gave KIND the motivation to expand its product offerings by launching KIND Healthy Grains and KIND Nuts & Spices within the past two years.
Here, Aristotle must mean that they are not ordinarily, or commonly, called by a single name though we can certainly give them a label in the way Aristotle uses [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to speak of the kind that contains crayfish, crabs, and lobsters.
Example 2 illustrates that a steam turbine (used for the commercial production of electricity) attached as a fixture to a building and treated as real property under state law is of like kind to a similar steam turbine located in another state that is treated as personal property in that state.
Kinds of Property That Can Be Given Under the Uniform Gifts To Minors Act and the Uniform Transfers To Minors Act In the Various States
OK, so here's something more original: Take a TV crew down to the local gym and find a group of weekend warriors willing to stage their own kind of challenge -- stay on a treadmill, stair-climber or stationary bike throughout the entire marathon broadcast.
From the expectation standpoint, the internal auditor should use his/her knowledge of the business and of good control to help put in practice the kinds of policies that are going to drive the right kinds of behaviors.
Although I kind of wished I had brought another t-shirt with me other than the one with the huge kitty on the front with the American flag bandana around its neck.
And Joseph Lengeling is the kind of architect who likes to think in terms of the bigger picture--his background is in master planning and his expertise is invaluable when Magnusson is working on a mixed-use community, the kind of project the firm has been doing more and more lately.
Section 1031(a)(1) generally provides that no gain or loss is recognized on the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment if such property is exchanged solely for property of like kind which is to be held either for productive use in a trade or business or for investment.
I wonder whether embracing full force a kind of designer attitude is really going to make us better parents and better families.
WITH EVERY DECEMBER ISSUE of Artforum there is the vague temptation to complement the cornucopia of "best of" accolades with a "top ten" of editorial regrets, a kind of modest, residual hot list comprising all things missed, failed, or forgotten--a minor literature of might-have-beens.