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kill (an amount of time)

To engage in an activity, usually a rather aimless or idle one, with the goal of making some amount of time seem to pass more quickly or less slowly. I'm going to walk down to the bookstore to kill a couple hours before my flight. Do you want anything? The game is great if you want to kill a few minutes here and there, but it gets pretty tiresome playing it for long stretches.
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kill (oneself) (doing something)

To overexert oneself or overextend one's effort while doing something. Don't kill yourself trying to get the report done tonight—it's not due until next week anyway. They're killing themselves finishing the last touches on the exterior of the house before the storm hits us.
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1. tv. to be very successful with an audience; to perform very well for an audience. She really killed them with that last joke.
2. tv. to eat all of something; to drink all (of a bottle) of something. We finally killed the last of the turkey.
3. tv. to douse a light. Would you kill the light so they can’t see we’re home?
4. tv. to stop or terminate something; to quash a story; to stop a story from being printed in a newspaper. Kill that story. It’s got too many errors.


/run down/run out the clock
Sports To preserve a lead by maintaining possession of the ball or puck until playing time expires.
References in classic literature ?
Then, nosing above the kill, he heard Tha coming down from the woods of the North, and presently the voice of the First of the Elephants, which is the voice that we hear now "
The First of the Tigers, standing stiffly to his kill, said.
Thou hast taught Man to kill, and he is no slow learner.
So the day came; and from the mouth of the cave went out another Hairless One, and he saw the kill in the path, and the First of the Tigers above it, and he took a pointed stick "
When a leader of the Pack has missed his kill, he is called the Dead Wolf as long as he lives, which is not long.
Your right is to kill me here on the Council Rock, now.
He is our brother in all but blood," Akela went on, "and ye would kill him here
This cattle-killer said he would kill me in the Council because he had not killed me when I was a cub.
Here I am, my dear sir," said he, "stay your hand therefore, and tell your father, or he will kill me in his rage against the suitors for having wasted his substance and been so foolishly disrespectful to yourself.
I will go with you; but I'm too much of a coward to kill the Witch," said the Lion.
But why didn't you rise up, all of you, and kill Three-Legs and Pig-Jaw and Big-Fat and the rest and get enough to eat?
Whenever the people grumbled too loudly the Bug sang a new song, and Big-Fat said it was God's word that we should kill Meat- Eaters, and Tiger-Face led us over the divide to kill and be killed.
And then we will go out together, the Fish-Eaters and the Meat-Eaters, and we will kill the tigers and the lions and the wolves and the wild dogs, and we will pasture our goats on all the hill-sides and plant our corn and fat roots in all the high mountain valleys.
He did so, and came immediately back to me, and told me they might be plainly viewed there - that they were all about their fire, eating the flesh of one of their prisoners, and that another lay bound upon the sand a little from them, whom he said they would kill next; and this fired the very soul within me.
This, he said, he knew; because he heard them all cry out so, in their language, one to another; for it was impossible for them to conceive that a man could dart fire, and speak thunder, and kill at a distance, without lifting up the hand, as was done now: and this old savage was in the right; for, as I understood since, by other hands, the savages never attempted to go over to the island afterwards, they were so terrified with the accounts given by those four men (for it seems they did escape the sea), that they believed whoever went to that enchanted island would be destroyed with fire from the gods.