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8722; KILLJOYS developed with the support of Bell Media's Writer Only Drama Development program −
This isn't about being killjoys and snatching the pint glass out of their hands, it's about saying: "Look, you carry on drinking like that, and by the time you're 40 you might need a liver transplant and kidney dialysis.
YOUR pompous correspondent, Keith Porteous Wood, considers Archbishop Vincent Nichols to be a killjoy (Letters, April 15).
THAILAND'S top flight lost part of its soul last week when killjoy bosses forced colourful clubs to change their names.
WITHOUT wishing to sound like a Christmas killjoy, how is it that householders, pensioners, businesses and the like are told to save electricity by turning down washing machine temperatures, buying energysaving light bulbs and to have energy-efficient certificates in these Home Improvement Packs which are now in force?
I am not a killjoy but have some consideration for older people please.
Killjoy rugby bosses put the dampeners on another Welsh Boxing Day tradition with a stern letter addressed to every club last week.
Taking on the role of desperate cartoonist Killjoy, who is foolishly working on Halloween eve, players must work through the three stories by midnight, negotiating perplexing puzzles, monstrous mazes and painful plot-twists.
But the killjoy brigade struck yesterday when they called off the event for health and safety reasons.
KILLJOY Japan coach Takeshi Okada last week stopped three of his stars attending their coming of age party.
THERE will be plenty of people calling head teacher Carol Buchanan a killjoy.
with some po-faced council killjoy trying to take 'em down.
I am not a killjoy but it is a race night not a pop concert.
Me, I would prefer candor from an offended Nguyen, Chan or Mohammad to pre-emptive PC censorship and its killjoy chilling effect on all communications.
Then she has the effrontery to suggest that anyone who objects to this vandalism is a killjoy.