kill (oneself) laughing

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kill (oneself) laughing

To laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. The comedian had the whole audience killing themselves laughing. My ribs actually hurt from it! I was surprised by how funny my date was last night. I was killing myself laughing at some of her stories!
See also: kill, laugh

kill yourself laughing

be overcome with laughter.
See also: kill, laugh

ˈkill yourself (ˈlaughing)

(British English, informal) laugh a lot: It was a very funny video. We killed ourselves laughing from beginning to end.He just stood there, killing himself laughing.
See also: kill
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She was sitting around having a glass of champagne, killing herself laughing at Jeremy Kyle - without the hearing aids obviously - so blaring out across Marbella.
But there was no need - she'd be on another table, killing herself laughing at me.
He thought I might not handle it very well when they started singing about my family but my wife was killing herself laughing when she heard it on TV.