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kill the clock

In sports, to protect a lead by using up as much possible time that remains in a game or match without giving the opposing team a chance to score, generally by maintaining a passive or defensive strategy. With just a narrow two-point lead, the home team is trying to kill the clock to hold out for a win. I don't know, Jim, there's a lot of game time left for them to start killing the clock.
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kill (one)self

1. To commit suicide. Once John realized he had begun to have thoughts of killing himself, he decided to seek help.
2. To bring about one's death by performing a particular action. This phrase can be said when one's life is or could be in danger, but it is often used figuratively. I can hardly breathe—I'm going to kill myself if I go back on the treadmill right now! If they try driving home in this snow, they'll kill themselves—tell them to get a hotel room for the night.
3. To overexert oneself. Don't kill yourself trying to get the report done tonight—it's not due until next week anyway.
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go at something like a boy killing snakes

Rur. to do something with a great deal of energy. Once Mary decided to take that test, she went at her books like a boy killing snakes. I hired Joe to weed my garden, and he went at it like a boy killing snakes.
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make a killing

Fig. to have a great success, especially in making money. John has got a job selling insurance. He's not exactly making a killing. Bill made a killing at the racetrack yesterday.
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something is killing someone

Fig. something is causing someone pain. Wow, my feet are killing me!
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make a killing

to quickly earn a lot of money Street vendors should make a killing today selling souvenirs.
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make a killing

to earn a lot of money very easily (often + on ) She made a killing on the house so she can't be short of money.
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make a killing

Enjoy a large and quick profit, as in They made a killing in real estate. This expression alludes to a hunter's success. [Slang; late 1800s]
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more than one way to skin a cat

More than one method to reach the same end, as in We can get around that by renting instead of buying a computer-there's more than one way to skin a cat . This expression may be an American version of the earlier British more ways of killing a cat, but why the death of a cat should be alluded to at all is not clear. [Second half of 1800s]
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n. a great financial success. Sally made a real killing in the stock market.

make a killing

tv. to make an enormous profit; to become an enormous success. I wanted to make a killing as a banker, but it didn’t work out.
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forces and were instead just killed as unintended victims of jittery soldiers shooting up Baghdad, these killings are evidence of a depraved indifference to human life--resulting from the stress of fighting a prolonged war against a civilian population, with no clear goals or exit strategy.
While this may have implications for Renaissance readers, who, like Milton, participated in some way in killing the king, or who voyeuristically shared in Throckmorton's exhibition and discredit by reading Spenser, where this kind of ethical criticism takes us is not altogether clear.
The only thing keeping the sides from killing each other is the indefinite presence of several thousand peacekeepers.
May 19: Suicide bomber blows himself up in a market in Netanya, killing three other people and wounding at least 35.
As the officer waited for the arrival of a transport vehicle, the woman removed a small-caliber handgun from inside her shirt and shot the officer in the head, killing him instantly.
How the military increases the killing rate of soldiers in combat is instructive, because our culture today is doing the same thing to our children.
But opponents of the wolf-kill plan, including conservationists and many wildlife biologists, are outraged at the notion of killing one species to save another.
Few suicides, accidental killings, or acquaintance murders are the result of cop-killer bullets or machine guns.
Sarah Marsland 86 07/08/78 At home Unlawful killing
In the end, it was Basma's 16-year-old brother who pulled the trigger, killing her.
Juveniles' killing peers or family members remains one of the most frustrating and complex categories of violence.
Could a gay playboy from San Diego have left a bloody trail of bodies on a cross-country killing spree?
THE ACT OF KILLING MAY BE DEEMED good or bad, depending on who kills whom and why.
Because his crimes were so heinous, and because he repeatedly said that he wanted to be hanged and rebuffed any efforts to prevent it, many feel that we who oppose the death penalty were wrong in trying to prevent the state from killing him.
The Cat Welfare Society of Israel (CWSI) today called on officials of the Israeli government to stop the mass killing of feral cats in the Sharon Region north of Tel Aviv.