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baby killer

1. A pejorative term for someone who advocates for, supports, performs, or has had an abortion. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. The mob gathered around the clinic, shouting "Baby killers!" at anyone entering or leaving the building.
2. A pejorative term for a soldier returning from war, used by those who oppose said war. Although the phrase was commonly applied to US soldiers returning from the Vietnam War, it has since fallen out of favor. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. She called me a baby killer as I stepped off the plane, which really hurt because I had been enlisted and didn't want to go to war.
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lady killer

A charming man who has a reputation for seducing many women. I wouldn't date Dan if I were you. Word on the street is that he's a real lady killer.
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thrill killer

One who derives excitement or pleasure from murdering people. I think our suspect is a thrill killer and really enjoys carrying out these violent crimes.
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killer instinct

Cliché an inborn desire or ability to be ruthless. Fred has a real killer instinct. He's a difficult boss to work for.
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1. n. a marijuana cigarette. How about a killer, Wilmer?
2. n. a very funny joke. She told a killer about a red-nosed juicer.
3. n. something extraordinary. That car is a killer. I like it!
4. mod. extraordinary; great. What a killer jacket you’re wearing!

killer weed

1. n. very potent marijuana. (Drugs.) Wow, this stuff is killer weed!
2. n. phencyclidine (PCP), an animal tranquilizer. (Drugs.) Killer weed seems to be a favorite around here just now.
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n. an excellent thing or person. She is just a real killer-diller.


n. a man who is very successful with women. Bruno is anything but a lady killer.
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BUt the two debating scientists agreed on one thing: UN should come up of a moratorium or temporary ban against using killer robots up until countries reach a compromise.
Prof Wilson said: "My hypothesis before starting out on this was that the serial killers we looked at could be responsible for far more murders than the ones they have been convicted of, or admitted to.
Guevara and colleagues reported their technique proved effective in jumpstarting defective immune systems in immuno-compromised mice and in human killer T cells taken from people with HIV.
Jenny added: "A friend who has a fishing boat has told us he has seen a number of seals with their heads bitten off around the coast, which he believes could be a sign a killer whale is in the area.
More visceral, more basic, and more gendered notions of fairness and justice, however, produced predictable jury decisions in barroom fights, street brawls, and other scuffles in which both the killer and his victim were active, willing participants.
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, says he certainly finds it plausible that killer whales would compensate for underwater clamor.
SOON THE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE WAS OFFERING A BURgeoning audience all the gore it wanted, and the crime sections of newspapers across the country were filled with details of the I tortures inflicted on the bodies of murder victims and on those of their executed killers.
People aren't looking for the next great killer app as much as they're looking for a killer way to access today's applications.
Lt Cmdr Harkin told the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group: "On January 27 and 28 we observed a significant number of killer whales west of Tory Island.
and even Lesbians vs Vampires vs Killer Lesbian's Vampire Lesbian's Killer.
As a result of the study, two types of killer whales in the Antarctic that eat fish and seals, respectively, are suggested as separate species, along with mammal-eating "transient" killer whales in the North Pacific.
Natural killer cells are major weapons in the body's immune system.
But a key fact is that only one per cent of murder victims in the Unites States can be attributed to a serial killer.
The ability to study killer whales in controlled research settings in accredited zoological institutions like SeaWorld has provided most of the fundamental information known about the species' physiology including adaptations to diving; auditory detection, echolocation, and learning; reproductive physiology; growth and development; metabolic and energy requirements; and immune system function.
Thousands of killer bees swarmed from the hive and began to attack Pugh and Zeledon.